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  1. modaby

    Tape Measure in 3D view?

    With the other software I use/have used, it is a common part of the workflow to check dimensions of objects in 3D for accuracy. For example, distance of window head trim to the ceiling, etc. Often while showing the 3D model to clients during a design presentation they will ask, "How wide/tall is that?" or "How much room do I have for...?" or "How far from the ceiling is....?"
  2. Thanks for the response Rene. A couple of examples that I am bumping into right away on my first Chief project: 1. In 2D---How would you ACCURATELY draw a custom molding profile from scratch with a lot of shapes (similar to the CA-75 profile that comes in the Cheif Library) that could be dimensioned as a detail and given to the millwork shop? 2. In 3D---I have fluted decorative column that sits on a trimmed out half wall that I need to create in 3D? (See attached photo) I can measure the physical column, but struggle to accurately model it in Chief. Thanks for your thoughts
  3. Eric, As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, I am using X11 Premier.
  4. Hello everyone. I could use your insight.... I am new to Chief, learning X11 Premium. I've been running various CAD and 3D modeling programs for 20+ years (AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architectural Desktop, Sketchup) for my residential design firm. Most recently, I've been using Sketchup and Layout exclusively to create design and construction drawings for custom homes and extensive remodels. The lack of parametric objects (walls, windows, doors, floors, roofs, etc.) and automated drafting functions (automatic schedules, automatic dimensions, etc) in Sketchup/Layout has me trying to switch over to Chief. I'm struggling with some of the basic functions of Chief on my first go at a project: There doesn't seem to be easily accessible accuracy when creating 2d details or 3d objects in Chief. In all of the tutorials for creating 2D details, everyone seems to be mostly dragging the grips of shapes around willy nilly without a lot of concern for accurate dimensions. Having to Tab to insert accurate fractional dimensions for even only simple rectangular shapes. The temporary dimensions do more of getting in the way than helping when drawing small objects such as a molding profile. Why can't I type the dimension of the length of a lines WHILE I'm drawing a polyline shape? These same issues are even more apparent when trying to create 3D objects. I have heard a lot of "It's hard to draw these objects in Chief" and " just move it ABOUT where it should be" when watching video tutorials. I need better than ABOUT with the accuracy of these things. Even of the Chief tutorial of creating CAD details, the creation of the keyway in the concrete footing has no regard for actual dimensioned size. The point to point tool seems a clunky tool in this day and age. Is just moving objects with a move tool, or with grips and automatic snaps (like most all other CAD/3D programs) logical to ask for in Chief? I am using the wrong program if I'm expecting this accuracy? Thanks for your thoughts.
  5. modaby

    Tape Measure in 3D view?

    Hi there, I am new to Chief. I am crazy or is there no way to measure things in 3D views, such as the tape measure tool? I can't seem to find it if there is. The tape measure tool is grayed out and not available from the pull down menu when in Full Perspective View window. Thanks for the help/insight!
  6. modaby

    Roads, Sidewalks

    Hi Mick, Thank you for the thoughts. This is the process I am using as well. Although you are not redrawing anything, there are still 2 objects needed to represent "one" site feature....the terrain perimeter and the polyline to represent the plot boundaries. I guess I am suggested that it's unclear to me the benefit of the roads and sidewalks needing to be within a terrain perimeter. Is there some sort of interaction between them that otherwise would not work?
  7. modaby

    Roads, Sidewalks

    Thanks for the responses. Regarding number 1: It's too bad this is the case. It I use the terrain perimeter as by property lines I am able to get the linetype and bearing length information automatically and wonderful looking in a plot plan view using the tools without adding any extra CAD lines, BUT if I also want to show a sidewalk, road, etc. that is outside of the property boundary (terrain perimeter) those won't show in my 3D presentations. Basically this setting all creates the need for extra CAD linework. From my current understanding, it would be better if those terrain objects (road, sidewalks, etc) could exist on their own outside of the terrain perimeter. Regarding number 2: This is the inverse of my issue with number 1. If I put my road in a plot plan view. All of the linework appropriately represents the road in a plot plan view without additional CAD lines EXCEPT that it shows a curb on the ends of the road. If the edges with a curb could be controlled individually, I would not need any additional CAD line work to show my road in a plot plan view....I could just use the road terrain object. thanks for any additional thoughts
  8. modaby

    Roads, Sidewalks

    Hello All, I am new to Chief Architect....working my way through learning the tools. A few questions about features that I find odd: 1. When adding a curb to a road, why is the only option to have the curb on all 4 sides of the road? Is it possible to have an option to turn off the curbs on any of the 4 sides individually? 2. How come roads and sidewalks outside of the terrain perimeter boundary don't show up in 3D views? I have yet to understand the benefit of this. Thanks for the insight!
  9. I was able to get the Alt-O command programmed into my center mouse button using my programmable mouse software, but Chief still requires me to use the left mouse button to move the view around after the command is active. I am hoping to activate AND move the view around from the center mouse button, leaving the left mouse button free for selection of objects/tools without escaping out of the mouse-orbit command first.
  10. Hello All, I am new to Chief and attempting to set up the work space to my liking...... Is there a way to set up the center button of my 3 button mouse to be the "Mouse-Orbit" command rather than pan? Thanks for your help. Looking forward to learning Chief! Cheers.