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  1. sweethomedesign

    Circular Chandeliers @ ChiefTutor.com

    Thank you
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    map generator free

    http://boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/downloads.php how to use it --
  5. sweethomedesign

    Manual Roof Planes / Roof Defaults

  6. sweethomedesign

    AMD Radeon plugin

    Hi AMD is in the news for its new GPU Radeon Pro VII. AMD has dedicated plugins for other software. How can we get for the Chief architect? see att. pic for detail. now we can use two cards
  7. sweethomedesign

    Has anyone done a "How to Make a Custom Cabinet Door Video"?

    Try this Cabinet doors.calibz
  8. sweethomedesign

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Hi Dustin, thank you for quick reply. i'm in Vancouver here now days floor tile size 24' x 48" common in practice. waiting for updates ! !
  9. sweethomedesign

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Hi Dustin, i have problem to make 24" x 48" Porcelain tile - grout is going too wide when try to fit in room size 16'x16'. Att. files i use 1. chief plan - 16'x 16' room 2.tile symbol 3. pic of tile 4. Tile builder setting which i had used output size of the tile is 2048 x 2048 can you please explain how to fix it. also where can i get most updated tile builder and other builder on the chief talk. Thank you 16'x16' room Cheif file.plan 24x48 tile.calibz
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    VIDEO LESSON: Custom Shower Enclosure

    Thank you
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    Precast Concrete Fence

  13. sweethomedesign

    Game controller setting for video

    here is game-pad setting go to Tools- --- tools bars and hotkeys -- game pad