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  1. Thanks Mick...that works in the 3d view. I would really like to be able to make the tub enclosure transparent (without using the 'delete surace' workaround in the elevation view). I will keep at it!
  2. Rob's solution is just what I want. I am still on X12 and have not been able to duplicate the different percentages of transparency. I have attached a test plan (X12) and some different views. The bath on the left has a glass wall and glass shower door. I am able to make this clear or opaque only. I set the glass to 'general material' but can't get anything but zero or 100% transparency, no matter what percentage is chosen. The plan on the right is a tub with an enclosure from the library. Both enclosures have the same setting in the 'adjust material definition' tool, and both are listed as 'general material'. So far I have been unable to make the enclosure from the library transparent. My old workaround is to delete surface on one of the doors when showing a bath elevation. Is it time to upgrade or is there a solution? TIA, Steve Glass tranparency test.plan
  3. Maybe a back clipped cross section? You can stop the elevation view from showing what is behind it. I assume you are trying to hide the cabinet?
  4. I use a grey tinted glass that is more visible in 3d... Hope that helps
  5. I have not designed a home with off grid solar, but there is (was) apparently a fire danger with batteries, along with backup gas generators that make this equipment better suited when it is detached from the house. This may be a thing of the past with changing battery technoligies (lithium ion vs Lifpo4), but something to be aware of... Check codes in your area for guidance. Steve
  6. It looks like some sort of batten trim. Click on these random pieces to determine if they are on the framing layer...they are most likely on another layer that nedds to be turned off in the framing views. Steve
  7. Have you tried "Edit; Delete objects", then manual or automatic dimensions? It should give you a clean slate...
  8. How about a cross section or elevation with the adjusted height, along with a plan note? I have been schooled (yelled at) by my engineer for 30+ years. My uneducated guess is that 1 foot of ceiling height will not change much of the engineers calculations... Steve
  9. I have found that Excel works best for me. Print spreadsheet to pdf, them import pdf to Chief. When you update the spreadsheet (and again print to pdf) the pdf in Chief is automatically updated. So many ways to do the same thing! Steve
  10. Each would need it own plan view. 'working plan view', 'working plan view 2nd floor', etc. For different layer sets I use the same method (electrical plan, electrical plan 2nd floor). Between the plan view and layer sets you can control the content on the layout sheet.
  11. I believe that bedroom outlets are 12" max. spacing so no point in the room is farther than 6' from an outlet (NEC 210.52) I have never had much luck with auto placing outlets...not much help, just my $.02 worth
  12. I use an Excel spreadsheet for my project data. It does the math as I have it set up. Obviously you can set it up for your needs. I print to pdf and import the pdf to my layout sheet. The convenient feature...if I make any changes to the spreadsheet, I again print to pdf and the document in the spreadsheet is automatically updated (as it references the particular pdf file). Project Data Worksheet.xlsx
  13. Dermot, Thanks for the info. I think I have it now... Renerabbitt gave me direction, and my daughter told me to put the photos in Word and use the Word compression tool. I was able to insert four slightly larger photos into my layout with a total layout file size of under 12,000 kb. All I have to do is remember this trick for the next time!
  14. That sounds like a genius idea! I will give it a try. Thank you
  15. I have inserted iphone (jpeg) photos into my layout. Four photos, 4 1/2 x 6, have bloated the pdf of the layout file appx. 40,000KB. I have searched this forum and the internet for guidance and have not found what I am looking for. I have tried all of the options (PNG, Jpeg, reduced the quality to 50%, black & white, grayscale) and the photo file size is huge either way. As a last resort, I have reduced the size of the photo box on the layout and reduced the quality to whittle down the file size. I would like to know if other have this same experience with photos...or, am I doing something terribly wrong to cause this condition? Thank you, Steve Photo test.layout