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  1. Aaron, Not sure if this is what you are asking, but...I agree with Greg. As a contractor for 30 years I have found that the the electrical design has to be adjusted as soon as the wall & ceiling finish is removed. It is easy to make ceiling lights symmetrical on a plan, but quite another story when the electrician is working around framing, HVAC, etc. Also, a good electrician will want to do it his or her own way, and I value their expertise. I usually provide a design for the permit with notes to allow changes to fit job conditions. This also accounts for last minute changes by the homeowner. We work in some insanely picky jurisdictions and I have never had an inspector say that the light or plugs don't match the long as it is to code! As for the circuits, I use a simple line drawing. It keeps the electrical plan cleaner, and satisfies the plan checker. I have attached a fire rebuild of a small cottage. It has enough information and is also simple and easy to read. Again, if the city plan checker is happy, we are all happy. Steve
  2. I agree with Larry...just do it. The first time I did a whole house fire rebuild plan, I got a letter from the building department with 42 items to correct! I was truly enraged. I looked up the codes and listed them in my plan notes. When I re-submitted, the plans examiner told me that the next large project would be easier because I now had all of the required information/notes. I have added many things to the notes (all from new or different requirements from the many local jurisdictions). My notes take up about a half page of a 24x36 sheet. It is a lot of nonsense, but my plans have passed muster even with the some of the more difficult jurisdictions. Most building departments list requirements and code sections of basic kitchen and bath codes (also decks, fences, etc.). These would be good items to list on your plan notes for these types of jobs. Learn as you's a fun ride! Steve
  3. Thanks for the guidance. I am getting close.
  4. That's it! I have been playing with it also. Seems to be quite time consuming...
  5. Thanks for the info Rob. I won't rest until I can replicate this!
  6. I saw the attached CA ad in a trade magazine. I have highlighted a 3d roof view that shows the individual components of the roof. Is this feature only in X13, or is available in other versions? If it is not exclusive to Thanks, Steve
  7. Thank you Susan. The 3D molding polyline seems to do the trick...
  8. Attached are screenshots of the different molding behaviors...
  9. Thanks Eric. I hade to admit my ignorance, but how do you post an image without pdf?
  10. I am working on a plan that has a 26" full height cabinet next to a 20" wall. The crown molding does not act as I expect it would. If the wall is at 20" the crown does not return on the right side of the cabinet. If I make the wall shorter, the trim does return to the wall (2 attached pdf's). I thought the room dividers could have something to do with it so I made a simple plan (also attached) without room definition or dividers and the behavior is the same. In my proper plan, the wall is 20" so the built-in refrigerator doors will open freely and the crown will be pleasing as it wraps to the face of the wall. I would appreciate any insight on how to overcome this issue. It is a very minor, but I hate to let Chief beat me! Thanks, Steve Trim Return.pdfTrim test.planNo trim return.pdf
  11. I made a 'mask' in Excel for building and zoning data. When square footage is entered it will calculate the 'remodel' area (mostly for fire sprinkler requirements). Print the Excel spreadsheet to pdf and import pdf to layout sheet. For my needs, this method seems much quicker and more efficient than trying to make Chief do something it can't (or, more likely, I can't figure out!) Project Data Worksheet.xlsx
  12. All of your tips were very useful. Eric, your video is above and beyond! Thank you Sometimes I feel that being a member of Mensa should be a prerequisite for this program.
  13. Done. Thank you for the great instructions...I don't know how the position strayed from zero, but I won't be fooled again!
  14. Thank Eric. I will read up on how to do that.