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  1. I made a 'mask' in Excel for building and zoning data. When square footage is entered it will calculate the 'remodel' area (mostly for fire sprinkler requirements). Print the Excel spreadsheet to pdf and import pdf to layout sheet. For my needs, this method seems much quicker and more efficient than trying to make Chief do something it can't (or, more likely, I can't figure out!) Project Data Worksheet.xlsx
  2. All of your tips were very useful. Eric, your video is above and beyond! Thank you Sometimes I feel that being a member of Mensa should be a prerequisite for this program.
  3. Done. Thank you for the great instructions...I don't know how the position strayed from zero, but I won't be fooled again!
  4. Thank Eric. I will read up on how to do that.
  5. Good Morning All, I am trying to finish a very simple kitchen plan. My issue is with a full height cabinet with two separate appliances installed (built in oven and built in microwave). The 3D view and Cross section accurately show what I want the finished item to look like. the plan view, the microwave symbol sticks out in front of the cabinet. I could cover this with a CAD box, but I would really like to know how to fix this. I have tried moving the (X,Y & Z) positions in the edit symbol DBX, though the position on the plan is always different from the other views (if the microwave symbol looks correct in plan view, the 3d view view will show the appliance face at the back of the cabinet opening). I have restarted Chief, as well as the computer, only to have the same results. Also, please excuse the line weights in the cross section pdf. I would really appreciate input on how to solve this issue. Thanks, Steve 153 View.pdf 153 Cross Section.pdf 153.plan
  6. Thanks for the advice. I guess simple is good...
  7. I have a plot plan which shows the length of each side. One side is an arc and shows the radius, as well as the length. I want to turn off the radius information on the plan. I have angles 'off' but it still shows when the 'show length' box is checked. I guess I could cover the radius info with a white box, but that seems so amateur! I am hoping that someone out there has a solution... Thanks in advance. Steve Wright.plan
  8. The Zoom video chat does seem to have a (slight) delay with video and voice. With screen sharing it has not been noticeable to me. Give it a try and see if it works for you!
  9. I hope this isn't off topic, but in the new age of covid I have been using Zoom for client meetings. While in a Zoom meeting you can 'share screen' and choose Chief. The other person or persons in the meeting can see your screen and they are even able to make temporary marks or notes. All parties can view and discuss the plans and changes in real time. I ask folks to use the largest screen they have for viewing (for project clarity). This method is so convenient for me, and my clients. I will hopefully us this tool even when the restrictions of 2020 are a distant memory.
  10. I am also using a room finish schedule, but only including dimensions and area.
  11. Thanks Perry...I will give it a try.
  12. I am trying to integrate a 'room' schedule into my plans so there is not so much clutter. If I generate a window schedule, the window label is automatically inserted on the plan. When I do the same for a 'room' schedule the room schedule label does not show on the plan. I do have 'use callout for label' checked. I also restarted the computer with no change in behavior. Maybe this is the intended behavior for a room schedule?? Hopefully one of the many experts on this site can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance... Steve Existing house plan.plan
  13. Just got off the phone with Chief Tech Support. The most likely culprit is that I use files shared on OneDrive (cloud). If the hard drive and cloud are fighting for the same file, one will arbitrarily get a blank temporary file. As this has not happened to a others, the Chief program and operating systems have been ruled out as a cause.
  14. There are plenty in the archive folder. That's what saved me.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I will call tech support tomorrow. Also, no directory changes. I can understand a 'crash', but not everything gone from the file but the name???