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  1. @ValleyGuyThat's an excellent solution. Thank you! I sure wish CA would incorporate a tray ceiling option into a floor truss. That way the cross sections would be more accurate to the way residential builders actually build here.
  2. I'd like to create a flat roof truss with 0 degree slope, but CAx15 automatically seems to force 1/4"per12" slope. Is there a way to override this and make it no slope? On our low slope roofs we use either tapered rigid insulation or sloped sleepers as it's easier for the field guys to shape the slope without being limited by the trusses.
  3. Can you fellas think of any creative way to get a tray ceiling into a floor truss? I do this all the time with great rooms. (now where's the cross my fingers emoji?)
  4. Can CAx15 allow somehow for a raised, or boxed up ceiling into a floor truss? I have tried buy the error message said it wasn't allowed. We get the truss manufacturer to make them this way for our homes.
  5. Joey; I think I am reading your mind I am wondering if I reset the order of the materials and put the main layer only as fir framing, then it gives me the option to pick 1,2 or 3. I will try that. Thanks!
  6. When I look I see that only 2 options are available to build the platform to: 1-Siding and 2 OSB. I wonder why it also doesn't list 3-Studs (or Framing)?
  7. Joey; Can the wall layers dbx recognize the difference between snapping the foundation and dimensions to the sheathing while also recognizing to align the trusses with the studs? So far it seems to me you have to pick one or the other layer to snap to for all the components?
  8. Oh... I found it. It was under the room specification/Structure/Floor Structure Thanks! Did you have any ideas about how to get the floor trusses and roof trusses to go to the edge of the studs and not the sheathing (while still leaving the foundation and dimensions snapping to the sheathing)?
  9. Joey; Thanks. And I do apologize but I am not sure where to find those items. Which dbx are they located?
  10. I am just starting to learn CAx15. When I created my first simple 1 story box with foundation and roof and set the floor definitions, as best as I could understand, to show floor trusses, when I build the framing CA builds the floor trusses seemingly okay but adds 3 extra top chords (it appears), and one of them is actually embedded in the truss top chord. I am not sure what is happening here? I show 2 pics, the first of how it did it, the 2nd of how I lifted the 3 ply thing up to see what was what. Also, is there a way to get the floor truss to build to the face of the exterior stud and not the face of the sheathing? I have set my sheathing to be the edge that the foundation and dimensions snap to but I'd like the floor truss to end at the stud face (as well as having the roof truss end heel end at the wall stud face and not the sheathing (which the roof trusses seem to build to as well). Thanks for all help on this!
  11. Thank you! That's a wonderful solution (material region). And taught me something new. Appreciate that.
  12. I am a bit new to CAx15 and wondering how to make the exterior siding follow the slope of the grade as it goes from the main front level to the rear walkout level? Can this be done automatically? The way they construct here in Minnesota the exterior foundation wall is 2" certifoam type insulation flush with the main floor exterior OSB (backed by the 8" conc wall held back 2" to create that flush condition) so that the siding can follow the grade without respect to where the concrete is behind the rigid. Looks cleaner in real life this way. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  13. TeaTime... I think I got it. Thank you!
  14. Tea Time; Thanks for the reply. Main Layer Outside was checked under the General category. Is the main layer defined somewhere so it can be changed to represent the sheathing and not the studs? ( I did change the exterior wall properties to Dimension to OSB but maybe this does not affect the snap).