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  1. When I go to add a backdrop it doesn't appear on the perspective view or in the rendering once I ray trace. I have the layer turned on, but still can't figure out why it won't appear. Tried searching the forum but can't find anything. What would be causing this not to appear? Thanks
  2. Okay thanks, so anything above the door opening would be a new floor? Not sure if you can help with how I would then go about making this wall (photo attached), if everything above the door opening is considered a 2nd level. I've also attached a photo of how the actual roof sits in relation to the wall.
  3. Not quite, I'm trying to get the right side of the 6568 opening to be a 45 degree angle, but it just ends up being square instead.
  4. I'm trying to make a door opening with an angled wall on one side (see attached photo), but everything I've tried ends up being squared off. Any tips how to create a door opening with an angled wall? Thanks