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  1. Has anyone had any joy in creating a louvre roof for a patio through Chief? I've had a hunt around and haven't managed to find anything close to what i'm looking for and would welcome any input anyone else has. For clarity, what I'm referring to is an operable louvre roof, similar to the images attached.
  2. No I haven't contacted support, I wasn't sure if it was a common issue or not so thought I'd ask here. I haven't tried it with other fonts buy will give that a go next. I guess I'll venture down the support path and see if that sorts it out.
  3. Hi Chopsaw, I was using the Chief Architect native pdf print function. I am not aware of being able to change any of the functions of that. I have managed to solve the image issue, the image box was larger than the displayed image, which for some reason allowed it to move when printed. The font issue is prevailing though and I have not found any option aside from using the Microsoft Print to PDF function, which takes a ridiculously long time to process. I have also noted that the issue only appears to affect the font when text is directly on the layout page, the font applied to the plans that are displayed on the layout page have the font printed correctly. It would be great to solve this as taking 15-20 minutes to process the plans using the Microsoft Print to PDF is maddening when the Chief printer takes less than a minute to do the same task.
  4. Hi team, I'm trying to export my layouts file to .pdf using the print dialogue in Chief X14, and for some reason one of the images is coming out larger and all of the text in the layout pages is being italicized, rather than printing in the same way it is shown on the layouts screen. I have tried Microsoft Print to PDF and that fixed the text problem, but not the image problem. It also seems to take a very long time to print to PDF. Can someone shed some light on this? Images attached for clarity, thanks.