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  1. Thanks Chopsaw, I did'nt think it could be done (easily), but I though I would ask. I appreciate your response
  2. I'm trying to match existing drawings that show a hatch pattern on the door slab (without using a hatched cad rectangle)? Thanks, Charles
  3. Thanks Chopsaw but group select has no option to "use layer for text style" only way I have found, so far, is to redo the text.
  4. It's easy to convert "text" to "rich text" automagically..... But what about the reverse, convert "rich text" to "text". Why.... I want the layer set to control my text style. Thanks!
  5. I agree manipulating terrains in Chief is frustrating! Here in Hawaii, we have challenging mountainous regions and I wish they would use a terrain mesh that could be directly manipulated rather than all the workarounds we have to endure......
  6. Guys you are right... I forgot that my template has a CAD detail drawings with schedules pre populated. THANKS SO MUCH
  7. Hello All... I get double callouts in my floor plan for the electrical symbols. Here is my schedule dbx. I'm at "wits end" trying to figure out how to only show the schedule number in plan, circle callout, and hide the symbol number, oblong callout. Thanks!
  8. I agree on the font... anyone have an idea what it is?
  9. Thanks Chopsaw this does the trick! For others in the future that may happen across this post, these are the steps to achieve what Chopsaw describes. Select the symbol to move and open the symbol specification. Change the X offset to whatever makes sense, here its 8". This is the result. Move the symbol over the amount you input, again 8" The final result. Hope this helps others.
  10. When stacking outlets or switches in elevation, the 2d plan symbols also stack Usually the electrician only uses the plan, not the elevation when doing his work and can easily miss this. Any way, other than creating a custom 2d block for each instance, of separating the 2d from the 3d object or is this wishful thinking?
  11. I tried the "S" text line with unsatisfactory results. Since this thread was from 2014 has anyone figured out how to draw curved continuous insulation? Thanks, Charles
  12. Dan does not transfer the info directly into chief. He takes a notepad, measures the room while noting the measurements, then transfers it into chief in the field. This is my new go-to method also after many frustrating tries using the direct input. Do you do a whole house in room planner? My experience doing this has led to poor results with the exterior and interior dimensions never matching. Room Planner only allows you to dimension the interior walls directly unless I have missed something. I'd love to know how you do it for a
  13. I use Leica lasers with “some” success. It, for me, is more trouble than its worth trying to transfer the dimensions directly from the laser to Chief. I did a video about a year ago showing what I learned. Dan Bauman is a big proponent of taking laptops in the field and you may want to search Chieftalk and Google for some of his methods. Good Luck! -Charles