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  1. Thanks everyone!! It appears that the first suggestion of saving the apartment plan, creating a symbol, placing the symbol multiple times on the floor and then when/if the apartment changes... resave the symbol and it will update automagically. Aloha, Charles
  2. if I place the single apartment reference multiple times and then move one of them, they all move along with it. I would like control over each instance independently so I can line them up next to each other.
  3. Thanks for the idea, but this would not would add another step. I was hoping for a live change in the unit plan that would reflect right away in the floor plan.
  4. I want to design a typical unit plan in one file and in another floor plan be able to clone the unit plan over and over again using a reference. This is so if there are changes by the client it can be done once on the typical and automatically show up on the entire floor plan.
  5. I tried checking the forum, but no luck finding the answer! My goal is to create a standard apartment design and then duplicate it throughout a floor plan with actual walls, windows, doors, and such. I initially considered using reference plans, but it's not working as expected. Any suggestions on the best way to tackle this, or point me to a prior post that I may have missed? Thanks in Advance! -Charles
  6. Thanks Everyone, All really good ideas! I love the "outa the box thinking" -Charles
  7. Thanks Susan, that would be a solution but now it falls into my current workaround which it to use an invisible wall, attach the outlet and move it into place. Regarding why I have a 3D solid rather than a chief wall.... this is an exterior poured concrete patio wall with thicknesses that vary in some areas ("think" funnel shaped transitions) and heights that do the same thing. This cannot be done with chiefs walls, in my experience. re the beach..... I know what you mean, but we also look at you in Colorado and think, wow it would be nice to be skiing .
  8. Thanks Michael, I will look into your solution and see if this is something that I can do.
  9. @SusanCThats thinking outside the box! Thanks for the suggestion. Ultimately, the best solution, would be to able to rename a solid as a wall which to the best of my knowledge we can't do.....yet Can we?
  10. Good idea, tried it... but, it shows up in the schedule as "floor mounted"
  11. I have created a custom wall out of a 3d solid and want to place "wall mounted" outlets on it. For it to show up in the electrical schedule as wall mounted it needs to be placed in a "wall", not a 3d solid. Ultimately the question is.....How do you put a wall mounted outlet on a 3d solid (without using invisible fake walls) ? Anyone have a work around for this? Thanks, Charles
  12. @Joe_Carrick Thanks Joe.... that was my latest conclusion also, but there are some pretty creative users out there, I had to ask .
  13. Has anyone figured out how to place a specific library object using Stream Deck? Thanks, Charles
  14. OMG.... I have not heard that name in years! It was the first CAD program I used prior to AchiCAD. Thanks for the memory