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Site work started back in the summer, on my Lake House Project. Just wanted to share some photos.

The client said he would send updates as the construction progresses, I'm happy to see something I designed coming to fruition.

Looking N toward existing lake house.pdf

Looking NE toward the existing lake house.pdf

Looking NW toward existing lake house.pdf

Looking SE toward lake.pdf

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Glenn Woodward, you did a lot to help me advance my skills with CA and believe me it was a LIFE SAVER with the pressure I was under to get it done!. 

I'm told I've got another large one coming up (word of mouth from the Lake House client) His friend wants to build in the same area. I hope to be able to use (what I can remember) the skills you shared especially building the roof with the roof base line and practicing on the site plan.

I hope the new client provides a better topo (maybe a gps version that I can import elevations from). I'll probably need a refresher from you on using the roof tools.  

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Well, the client is extremely upset (understatement). A heavy rainstorm (7" in two days) moved in and dumped tons of water on the site. He wasn't aware that when the original builder of the 2004 Lake House built, that he had not put any rebar in the footings, so with the pad cut out for the basement of the new lake house, and the retaining wall/foundation wasn't in yet, the existing house foundation was undercut, and the south end came down!
My source says he got it shored up, and safed off, then backfilled and underpinned, the NE retaining wall-basement wall is in now and the builder will have less demo to do of the existing house in order to tie it into the new lake house. Pictures attached. According to my source, all this has transpired since May, they should be getting ready to start the framing, soon. Hopefully be able to post some more updates as soon as he sends them to me.

(E) lake house storm damage.pdf

(E) lake house Storm Damage 5.pdf

(E) lake house Storm Damage 2.pdf

(E) lake house Storm Damage 3.pdf

Basement looking southeast before retaining wall.pdf

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