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  1. Evolution's post in Duplex was marked as the answer   
    Have you looked at the knowledge base? https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00430/changing-the-riser-height-of-stairs.html
  2. Evolution's post in The Correct Way To Edit Schedules was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Joe.
    I did export to xcel and the client was ok with the work book I created for him, but he didn't like the way it looked pasted into the plan. The PDF's didn't look any better, sonI told him I would do further research to see what else I could do. I've about convinced him the spread sheets are the best way. As impressed as he was with using the X6 viewer he said......back to the horse and carriage!
  3. Evolution's post in Replace Ca Schedules With Excel Spread Sheets was marked as the answer   
    Both ways worked, but PERSONALLY I don't think it is going to do his builder/and subs what he wants it to.
    I've got to figure out how to get the CA schedules into a layout without screwing up my plan (adding double call outs on doors and windows). I keep trying!
  4. Evolution's post in Double Labels was marked as the answer   
    (I was unable to find the second set of Door & Window Schedules.  However, by deleting those Schedules on your Foundation Plan Level the double callouts went away.  Just one callout for each door & window.)
    Joe, I am at a loss?!? I did what you suggested and the double labels DID go away. 
  5. Evolution's post in Where Are My Layout Files? was marked as the answer   
    Found them on my home office work station.
  6. Evolution's post in Export Schedules To Xl was marked as the answer   
    I am doing that now and reformatting/untangling all the information. I lost some cells (but because they decided to occupy the same space) in the spread sheet. At least the ID can take it and edited to their hearts content.
  7. Evolution's post in The Correct Way To Get Schedules To Layout was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Larry I will do that, as SOON as I can COME UP FOR AIR! I do THANK all the folks that jumped in now and in the past (I def have asked for a lot of help but not until I felt I had reached the end of the proverbial rope). I don't like using "WORK AROUNDS" when there is a viable answer somewhere, and as Glenn Woodward pointed out, you can definitely stumble over your own feet when you resort to work arounds vs using the appropriate tools/operations.
    SO, on to the next level (maybe)at least the client called and thanked me for the extra effort today to meet his dead-line. He is having the project printed now at the printers, and if I understood him he's going out for prelim bids / const budget! I'll be a happy camper when I can post photo's of the construction and finished project. Oh yes, what really was super great was he and his team ALL got the X6 viewer and are AMAZED when they view the plan with it.
    Thanks everyone!
  8. Evolution's post in How To Shrink The Plan File For Client Viewer was marked as the answer   
    I will give it a try. IS THERE A BOOK available "drop-box for Dummies"?
  9. Evolution's post in Build Terrain Icon Stuck was marked as the answer   
    So, THAT's what did it. I turned off auto rebuild terrain, because for some reason, I get the message something like, auto rebuild terrain, interpolating (something) etc., etc., I'm not sure what that is or how IT got turned on, but when it DOES do that it takes forever to go from one operation to the next, like moving a door then you sit and wait.
  10. Evolution's post in Terrain Questioon was marked as the answer   
    Thanks David!
    I thought I looked EVERYWHERE, but definitely not there!
  11. Evolution's post in Exploding Eve's was marked as the answer   
    Well ED, just a simple matter of removing the check from use room ceiling finish. I suppose I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT, but not sure where I would have learned it. SOME ONE tell me it's in the user guide or manual. On to the next challenge! ;-)
  12. Evolution's post in Modeling Arched Beam was marked as the answer   
    My final results aren't perfect, but SO MUCH BETTER than when I started, and any way, the client wasn't too concerned about THEM being perfect, as He is have them built in a millwork shop and they'll provide SHOP DWGS first before constructing them.
    At least my model expresses the intent he's looking for.

  13. Evolution's post in Group Select Arch Block Vs Cad Block To Model Timber Truss was marked as the answer   
    Glenn, I did use the poly line solid conversion and make an Architectural block of each timber truss size I needed, and added them to my user library.
    For once completely on MY OWN! IS MY BRAIN TIRED?!?! YOU BET!
  14. Evolution's post in Camera Snap Angles was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Arthur. Seriously though, key word search snap and snap grid brought me no where previously.  I even used  "snap grid"
    "camera angle snap" etc., and stil no help. So I went to each Parent tool and FINALLY under view, down near the bottom, there was THAT little BOOGER child tool  "angle snap grid" but no snap properties. Of course the real answer is CRAM and CRAM and CRAM some more and if you can REMEMBER all the stuff you've CRAMMED you might be able to find the things you're looking for.
    Thanks again! Now on to the next issue and thread to post.

  15. Evolution's post in Custom Fireplace Mantel was marked as the answer   
    Forgot to rotate texture :0 that was it. It pays to go back and look again and again!
  16. Evolution's post in Boxed Eve Doesn't Show On One Roof Plane was marked as the answer   
    Just as I THOUGHT! ZOOMED in so close and could see a slight miss-alignment in the ridge, but there was a ridge cap some how. Kept joining roof planes several times, (after copy pasting the good side and rotating as previously attempted) this time IT WORKED!!! If at first you don't succeed, stop sucking those seedless oranges!
    BTW-I know there is a gap between the top of the columns and the eve beam. That's on purpose. I've yet to model the special curved decrotive trusses, and other fret work that will finally become a part of the (timber frame look)when finished. I just haven't had the time to work on them (and since they keep changing things I thought it wise to wait).

  17. Evolution's post in Schedules was marked as the answer   
    Had to save, close plan, close X6, restart X6 and reopen file, finish schedule updated.
  18. Evolution's post in Need Some Roof Help was marked as the answer   
    I'd like to THANK ALL OF YOU for the help, constructive criticism, the fixes suggested, the work you did on the plan updates.....BELIEVE ME is worth so much more than a THANK YOU!.
    I MUST thank Glenn Woodward the MOST, for changing my DIAPER, and taking me by the hand and TEACHING/SHOWING ME where I went wrong and TURNING a miserable WEEK-end for me, into a SUCCESSFUL finale! At least the main issues are 99.99% solved and NOW I can move on with adding the ARCHITECTURAL garnish, and start working on the elaborate details that have been ADDED by the client.
    Hopefully, after their progress plan review this week, they will TURN me loose to do that, and WILL STOP making so many more changes.  I've got to get the thing nailed down if they want me to start sending cad files to their respective MECH/ELEC/STRUCT/ CIVIL Engineers.
  19. Evolution's post in Floor Plan Missing But 3D Shows It Is There was marked as the answer   
    Whew, GOT IT BACK! Just had to keep opening and closing! Wow, must be a computer thing! Although tech tells me NOT! SO I guess it was something I did????
  20. Evolution's post in How To Maintain Equal Distance Spacing? was marked as the answer   
    Doug, this worked perfectly!
  21. Evolution's post in Can't Get Wall To Show Gypboard was marked as the answer   
    I don't remember using the paint roller, as I usually set all my plan defaults (edits) @ the start of a new plan. Anyway, Robert; I attempted what you suggested and as you can see (after a dozen or more attempts) the interior wall finish finally changed to gyp board, however; you can also see that some of the BB remains in the eve, as well as the mull between the door and fixed glass and it all looks kind of squirrely?!? So, I don't know how to fix those issues? So the battle continues, and I need to get the schematic ready for their review.

  22. Evolution's post in Can't Turn Off Space Planning Tools was marked as the answer   
    SIMPLE enough! Thanks Glenn