Wavey bottom lap siding


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We offer 3 variations of siding similar to this in the "Rustic Wood Materials" bonus catalog.





They are labeled as "Waney Edge", but also have search terms for "Live Edge". I hadn't heard the term "Skirl" before, but can add that to the key word search in the future.


We don't currently offer a pattern file that represents this in vector views, but it is something we hope to include in the future.


I hope these are helpful.

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The term "skirt" is used as an example, is when you have a room lets say on top of a deck with vinyl siding and you enclose the sides of the deck using lets say a vertical siding, etc... the sided lower portion of the deck is called a "skirt" ... or another example is you have a sided trailer and you drop the siding down to enclose the under carriage, that lower portion would be called a "skirt".   

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