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  1. Catalog update for Decor Cabinet Compay! Download: Update your catalog by launching Chief Architect, selecting the Library menu, then selecting "Update Library Catalogs." Visit to learn more about the brand and their offerings.
  2. Okay! I'm glad that worked! @Kbird1 I know it can be inconvenient to do the individual downloads - perhaps you can span the process out over a few days to ease the repetition a bit! You can also do a test of just trying the right-click "Update" feature on a few catalogs (without downloading anything from the 3D Library), there is a possibility that full update could be failing, but individual catalog updates may work. If this it the case, it would save you a little effort and would also be good for us to know and address.
  3. No, we don't need the whole catalogue system. We'll need just 1 or 2 samples that are on your machine. I'll send you a DM with steps.
  4. @Kbird1 You could also do a simple 1-off test. Target a specific catalog to test that we are confident is in X15 format - BonusBarstools2. Remove this catalog from your Library Browser From the 3D Library, download the X14 version of this catalog. Install the downloaded X14 catalog into X15 (drag the .CALIBZ from your downloads folder onto the Chief Architect workspace) Close and Relaunch Chief (just for good measure) Is the update icon displayed for Barstools No.2? If you choose to update the single catalog, does it work?
  5. @Kbird1, it does seem that something may not be working quite right in your case. That is a lot of files failing to update. Either your migrated catalog files have a different ID than the ones hosted on the 3D Library, or something is failing in the connection process for you. It might make sense to send a few copies of your catalog files to Support, so they can start a ticket. One of the development team should be able to compare your files with those on the server to understand if the update "SHOULD" work for you. If they DON'T match, you likely will need to do the maintenance of re-downloading catalogs that I mentioned in my post. If they DO match, there might be some other connection issue preventing your system from talking to the 3D Library effectively. This may need further investigation.
  6. Thanks for tagging us here, @Kbird1. Your assessment is correct! The error you see means that a newer version of the catalog has not been posted to the 3D Library in X15 file format. The catalogs that you are interacting with in your library browser were likely migrated forward from a previous release, and their X15 counterparts have either been retired, or were still in development at the time you checked for updates. I believe the CAD Block library is the last remaining catalog pending to be converted to the X15 format. We are aware of this case and working to improve the catalog before we publish it for X15. If you are seeing messages for many catalogs, as @Christina_Girerdis experiencing, there could be multiple things happening. The catalog is retired. This happens occasionally when a brand ends their partnership with us or hasn't been available to continue the update process. If the catalog represents a brand you would like to see updated, please reach out to your brand reps and ask them to re-ignite the conversation. We are happy to do the same. All inquiries about brand partners can be sent to The catalog is a duplicate or older version than is hosted on the 3D Library. If you see that a catalog in this dialog is still available on the 3D Library in spite of the error when you update, it is likely that the version on your system isn't being recognized by the update process (and you are likely a long-time user - thanks for sticking with us!) The easiest way to correct this is to remove the offending catalog from your Library Browser (if you are worried about back-ups, you can browse through your file system and manage this prior to removing from the browser); then visit the 3D Library and download the catalog directly from there. Installing the newly downloaded .CALIBZ should put you back into sync with the system. Ultimately, this dialog may be a greater annoyance than it is an impact to your workflow - you still have access to all of the content you had before. The dialog is a helpful way to communicate the state your catalogs are in, and especially in the case listed in #2 above, can inform you that you may not have the most current selection of catalog downloads, and that some maintenance can be done to improve your access to distributed content. I hope this helps clarify! Best, Adrean Stephenson, Content Development Manager
  7. Calling all designers. Now available in the Chief Architect 3D Library, an array of satellite & cellular towers. Accompanied by satellite dishes and other communications equipment. Don’t be out of touch, download today!
  8. Update your library catalogs, or download the Sub-Zero - Wolf catalog for the first time from the 3D Library.
  9. Now available for download! Enhance the relaxing and cozy atmosphere of your outdoor spaces by incorporating modular furniture, matching sofas, and chairs, specifically designed for leisurely comfort. All this available for download from the Chief Architect 3D Library.
  10. Showplace crafts cabinetry to fit your design tastes and budget. The result is a reliable, quality product you can enjoy for years to come. This 3D catalog includes wood species, finishes, and cabinet door & drawer styles for the: Showplace Inset, Showplace Longview, Showplace Overlay, and ShowplaceEVO™ cabinet lines. Use the update tools in the library browser to get the latest revision, or click the link to download Showplace from the Chief Architect 3D Library. Learn more about Showplace on their website Like and follow on social media: Facebook Instagram
  11. Using the Update Catalog feature or downloading Crystal Cabinet Works for the first time from the 3D Library will give you access to the latest version. Learn more about Crystal Cabinet Works: Like and Follow on social media to show your support for Chief Architect compatible catalog partnerships: Facebook Instagram Twitter
  12. We've updated MEP No.1 Energy Sources to include more components for sustainable, off-grid, alternative energy sources like solar, wind, hydro. Use the Update Library Catalog tools to get the latest revision to this catalog, or visit the 3D Library to download it for the first time today!
  13. Architectural Surfaces is an importer and distributor of natural stone, engineered stone and tile for residential and commercial applications and includes both PentalQuartz and MetroQuartz products. Update your catalog, or download today from the Chief Architect 3D Library. Learn more about Architectural Surfaces on their website.
  14. Dura Supreme Cabinetry, a legacy of quality craftsmanship, is available for your use in the Chief Architect 3D Library and features the Bria and Crestwood product lines. Download or update today! Learn more about Dura Supreme on their website.
  15. Access the latest selection of beautiful blown glass light fixtures from NICHE Modern. Update your library catalogs, or download it from the 3D Library today. Learn more about Niche on their website.
  16. Get the latest solid surfaces available from our partner brand, Cambria. New update available from the 3D Library!
  17. Hi @jcdurand Thanks for pointing this out! Our team will review and see what can be done about this issue. In the meantime, if you still have X13 installed, you can copy the missing items to your user catalog, then export them. Import them into X14 to have immediate access. @tundra_dweller makes a good point, we regularly rely on communication with brand representatives to ensure that the correct products are included in the digital copy. I'm not certain where the disconnect happened in this particular case, but we will do our best to sort it out. Thank you!
  18. Good information @MarkMc. If Bain Ultra offers 3D files for other software, it should be pretty easy for us to work with them to get files that can be used in Chief. We'll reach out and ask. Thanks @SusanC and @RobUSMCfor advocating for a partnership. The more these brands hear from the people who specify their products, the more value they see in making digital catalogs available!
  19. Get the latest bonus catalog additions to add fireplace details to your designs. Fireplaces No.2 Chimneys Fireplaces No.3 Accessories
  20. We are proud to announce that we've added Moen as a digital catalog partner! Learn more about Moen and give them a shout, thanking them for making products available for your designs. Website - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
  21. As a result of some user requests, we have created a catalog of Wood Cook Stoves. Use them in kitchen designs and as heat sources, perfect for cabins, off-grid, and tiny homes.
  22. We are pleased to include Ballerina Kuchen as our latest brand partner addition. Download the catalog today. Follow on Instagram:
  23. Thanks @SusanC! We are getting really great feedback and sharing all of your voices requesting branded catalogs through posts like these. The beauty of tagging your favorite brands in social media posts (and including @chiefarchitect) is that the brands will actively see these requests and hear you, their customer, asking for an easy tool for specifying (and buying) their products. What's more, your peers have the opportunity to see these requests and to add their support and double-down in tagging the brands as well. Here is a direct link to the posts: Facebook Instagram Remember to include the '@' symbol in front of the brand name so they get a notification. Everybody wins when more digital catalogs are available inside design software like Chief Architect! Log into your Facebook and Instagram accounts and tag your favorite brands and @chiefarchitect too! Thanks everyone for helping grow the voice of Chief Architect users.
  24. Get the latest color collections from the most popular brands for 2023. Update or download today!
  25. We've revamped and updated the Canyon Creek Cabinetry catalog to reflect their latest products. Make sure you download and update your library catalogs to ensure you are accessing the most current data! Learn more about Canyon Creek on their website.