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  1. vincekunasek

    Need Architect/Designer - contracted work -

    Good morning , We are who you need check out our houzz. also
  2. We are qualified and share the same construction methods. 402.315.9996
  3. vincekunasek

    Finalize X8 Residential Plans

    we can take a look at it
  4. vincekunasek

    Ammar garage doors without hardware

    Thank you someone !
  5. Could some take the Amarr bb closed single and double door and remove the hardware so it doesn't model Thank you
  6. vincekunasek

    Looking for service to create house plan in X7

    Easily resolved, post 5 of the hundred you have copied, the floor plans/ renderings along with the publishers name that was supplied to. Also post what you have modified them to, and let's find out . I'll forward them to the original designer for you and let's see what they say. Deal?
  7. vincekunasek

    Looking for service to create house plan in X7

    There is no percentage that applies For those of us who sell plans the ignorance of those copying them all the all the time is astounding. PHDESIGNS is incorrect and please don't be miss led by his statements . If he has done it a thousand times he has ripped off us a thousand times. You can't change the name of the characters in Gone With the Wind and republish it as Gone With the Breeze. Please honor are investments and simply purchase from us the "Right to Modify" and then draw away. It's about integrity and playing by the rules.
  8. vincekunasek

    Expanding Our Business Model
  9. vincekunasek

    Northeast Ohio

    You can give me a call in the morning,check us out on our site: Vince Kunasek Vince Kunasek Design Inc 402.315.9996
  10. vincekunasek

    Expanding Our Business Model

    We are going to expand our services in 2016. If you are looking for no-nonsense, committed, and Professional Design / Drafting Services, contact us to see we could be a good fit .
  11. vincekunasek

    Vince Kunasek Design

    Current projects
  12. vincekunasek

    Wavey bottom lap siding

    Anyone have wavey bottom lap siding texture and pattern similar to the attached . Thank you
  13. vincekunasek

    Pony Wall To Foundation Line Up Issue

    We build the same way here call me and I'll explain 402.212.4699
  14. Please call before you make a decision .I have been down this road and have some words of wisdom to share. Thank you (I sent you a private message) Vince Kunasek Design 402.315.9996 POHLAD DRAKE SANCTUARY WD 10-23-14.pdf
  15. I have many more not yet on my sight