Library Browser not staying put!


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Here is my issue.  I use a dual RCA 39" monitors.  I work off of my left monitor and put my Library Browser on my right along with my email and Strucalc.  Whenever I close Chief and reopen it, the browser comes back as shown in the attachment.  What am I missing?!?  It is getting annoying to continually drag it open and set it again each time I open the program.  Thoughts?


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Yes, I also get the same thing.

Same for the Project Browser. 


It seems to be missed in each update.


How about it Chief?


PS. While we are on the subject.


I have a similar problem with my Edit toolbar.

I usually have it floating, but it has a mind of it's own by moving all over the place - I guess it really is "floating"!!. :lol:

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