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  1. jbaehmer

    Dimension Settings

    There could be a number of items affecting it. I would look at the wall types and see where the dimension layer is set to. It "may" be on something other than the main layer or not the layer of the wall you are intending it to be. See Pc attached. It also could be which side the "main" side of the wall is drawn depending on what dimension layer you have the wall-type set for. I have all my wall-types set to the dimension to the main framing layer of the wall-type and no matter which way I draw the wall, it always dimensions to the bottom left sides of the walls every time. I would suggest looking at that dimension layer of your walls and see what it is set to. I noticed when I set the dimension layer in my wall-type to the sheetrock layer (Layer 3), then it changed positions of the dimensions on the plan.
  2. Hello. I just emailed you. Look forward to speaking with you.
  3. Hello, I see this is in the Seattle Area. I am out of Tacoma and can help you with this. Feel free to give me a call. contact info below.
  4. Running smooth over here.....
  5. jbaehmer

    Cabinet Tweak

    I am trying to make shelving in the highlighted space, but not sure how to do it. I need some cabinet guru's to help me out if possible. Thanks.
  6. jbaehmer

    Looking for freelance designer

    Hello. I am located in Tacoma, WA and have done several projects throughout WA and OR. Would love to talk to you and see how I can help. Thanks.
  7. jbaehmer

    No locate railings are locating...

    Post a plan so we can look at it
  8. jbaehmer

    Living Area Calculation

    Perry - CA fixed this a few versions ago. I just checked to be safe, and it doesn't split the Sq Ft between the common wall between the garage and house anymore.
  9. jbaehmer

    Truss Webbing

    I also have placed a polyline solid behind the truss in the shape of the truss. All three work well, just another option.
  10. jbaehmer


    I definitely can help you. Please feel free to contact me at my info below. Thanks.
  11. jbaehmer

    looking for services in Seattle area

    Hello. I am out of the Puyallup, WA area now. Feel free to contact me at my info below. Look forward to talking with you.
  12. jbaehmer

    Logo Designer

    It can be as simple or as complex as you want.
  13. jbaehmer

    Logo Designer

    I personally used "99designs.com". Paid $300 and received over 70 unique designs to choose from. Used it for both my companies and would use them again.
  14. Hello. Would love to help you with this. Feel free to give me a call or email me. Contact info below.