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  1. Kenoeightspot

    print showing wall color grey

    Check color box
  2. Kenoeightspot

    Double Sill Plate

  3. Kenoeightspot

    Double Sill Plate

    Change sill thickness or count.
  4. Kenoeightspot

    roof shingles

    You can not select or apply the painter tool to the auto returns. You change the Auto return roof material by selecting the main roof planes. If you want the returns to have a different material from the main roofs you will need to draw them manually as Eric said.
  5. Kenoeightspot

    roof shingles

    You can change the material of auto roof returns, you need to turn off "Auto rebuild roof"
  6. Kenoeightspot


    Here you go
  7. Kenoeightspot

    Wall Elevations

    Cad mask shown with 20% transparency for illustration.
  8. Kenoeightspot

    Old Software - Video problem - help

    Your building may be too far away from the "origin" point
  9. Kenoeightspot


    Or this
  10. Kenoeightspot

    Suggestions to Create This Casing

    Casings are symbols
  11. Kenoeightspot

    Front / Back Groups

    In this plan file the symbol comes in with the "Auto Generate" box filled in with black box. uncheck this box and then the symbol can have the filled changed.
  12. Try using spherical and panoramic backdrops.
  13. Kenoeightspot

    Extend railing past last riser?

    I used molding polyline and a P soild.
  14. Kenoeightspot

    Double gable wall on the same wall

    Are you talking about one of these.