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  1. Polyline solids will show in 3D view
  2. Copy and paste on page 1 then delete info on page 0
  3. Draw shape in elevation , convert to 3D moulding lines.
  4. CA does have shipping containers but you can not add doors or windows unless you paste and image of a window on the symbol. I also attached a prelim. project I did in Kansas.
  5. Define your walls based on container wall corrugation thickness, insulation and finish material. Find images of Shipping Containers and convert to material and apply to your walls.
  6. Check this setting, color on/off.
  7. left out a step. change stem wall to less than the floor ht. then reset your floor ht. back to what you want, this will push the footing to under the slab.
  8. Turn on the layer "Furniture" interior or exterior
  9. I used separate blocks for my project to get a count of how many blocks I would need.
  10. Change sill thickness or count.
  11. You can not select or apply the painter tool to the auto returns. You change the Auto return roof material by selecting the main roof planes. If you want the returns to have a different material from the main roofs you will need to draw them manually as Eric said.
  12. You can change the material of auto roof returns, you need to turn off "Auto rebuild roof"
  13. Cad mask shown with 20% transparency for illustration.
  14. Your building may be too far away from the "origin" point