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  1. Convert to symbol - then show advance options then reflect geometry then use replace from user lib.
  2. Don't worry about the header size, depending on your area a 4x8 DF. NO.2 should work for that 36" window.
  3. If your are still having issues with your Design plan use the "Edit wall layer intersections" tools
  4. Your walls are not aligned with center wall.
  5. I use the grid to space dimensions.
  6. Set your default text to whatever width works for you.
  7. Try adding the number in front of the room name.
  8. Here is a project that was designed this year using the images in the calibz. Adjust scale as needed. SHIPPING CONTAINER IMAGES.calibz
  10. Knife edge counter top. Model separate.
  11. Match line or reduce. I use 1/8" For commercial , 3/16" and 1/4" for Residential
  12. Polyline solids will show in 3D view
  13. Copy and paste on page 1 then delete info on page 0
  14. Draw shape in elevation , convert to 3D moulding lines.
  15. CA does have shipping containers but you can not add doors or windows unless you paste and image of a window on the symbol. I also attached a prelim. project I did in Kansas.
  16. Define your walls based on container wall corrugation thickness, insulation and finish material. Find images of Shipping Containers and convert to material and apply to your walls.
  17. Check this setting, color on/off.
  18. No, check out the folder