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  1. jbaehmer's post in Room Name Label was marked as the answer   
    you should be able to turn off the layer "Rooms, Interior Dimensions" if I am thinking of what you are looking for correctly.
  2. jbaehmer's post in Setting Scale Macros was marked as the answer   
    Place it in the Plan view you send to layout....not in the layout itself.
  3. jbaehmer's post in Why stainless steel looks different? was marked as the answer   
    So I took it and made a OOB plan with that fridge copied in.  I was looking at materials and saw that the texture source was missing.  Don't know if that is the cause...but wanted to point it out.  I gotta go for a big, but wanted to mention it in case someone can run with it and possibly come up with something.

  4. jbaehmer's post in Cad To Wall Tool Question was marked as the answer   
    I would just trace the CAD Lines with you typical walls in CA.  The concept is a good one, but when I tried to do in on other projects, I found that simply tracing the CAD lines after importing the DWG was 10x faster than trying to get all the layers correct and then using the tool.
    I know there are others that may like the tool, however, personally...I am with Lew on this one.  I think it needs to go.
  5. jbaehmer's post in Unwanted Layer Sets was marked as the answer   
    Yes...go into "Layer Set Management" and delete the ones you don't want.