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  1. Line drawing rendering style is so fast now! It used to take forever.
  2. FYI - the transfer fee depends on the license. If you have the first 4 digits of the license key, you can ask CA directly for accurate info. Barb
  3. yes. pm me if you're interested. This is a 2nd seat license. Barb
  4. Second seat X10 for sale - checking with Chief sales now about transfer fee. Stay tuned and get a jump on an upgrade to X11! Barb
  5. Nvision...If it doesn't/didn't work out with Wereley, send me a message. Barb
  6. I tried a clean install and it's still not finding the files. Interesting that it's not finding Chiefs own "" and the location is in the default setting. I'll check with tech support as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for the help! Barb
  7. Hi Perry The funny thing is, everything was installed in the default locations and was fine prior to some kind of "clean up" (I think) happened. I'm only missing the new stuff from X10. The old textures as well as bonus stuff is all there.
  8. Hi all Somewhere along the line recently I lost my Chief X10 texture files. Any ideas on how to retrieve them? Thanks Barb
  9. Just don't try to mull those together if you have lintels. Try it and see what happens.
  10. Thanks for looking guys! I’ll be upgrading to X10 for new projects, but don’t want to switch in the middle. Enjoy the weekend, we got another 8” snow overnight. Getting deep out there! Off to shovel. Barb
  11. I get the same result. I was mostly concerned with the missing wall framing on the right. If you have the section view and the floor plan windows tiled on your screen (so you can see both views at the same time), the framing disappears as soon as you break the section line, you don't even have to drag it. Happy Friday.
  12. Hi Glenn Sorry, I forgot to save the camera. it's saved in this plan with the break line shown. If you moved the section line up and down you should see how the framing disappears. Barb section cut.plan
  13. Here is a plan file and a pdf that shows the condition after cutting the section. You can see that the wall framing on the right side is missing in the section cut, but shows in the floor plan and a wall framing detail. Thanks for looking. Barb section cut.pdf section cut.plan