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    dishwasher moving on own when in a cabinet`

    I can't duplicate your problem in X12. Are you using a downloaded dishwasher?
  2. tommy1

    stair well issue

    As mentioned, don't use that tool. Use an open below room or auto stairwell.
  3. tommy1

    X12 - Copy and Paste In Place

    This is what I've done and used for so many years. I'll continue. Glad it will still work. Started my first plan yesterday in X12 which will have a little bit of everything. I pray it goes well. So far so good.
  4. tommy1

    X12 layout question

    I've got a bad situation and trying to see if it can be an easy fix with X12. Has anyone tried to open two layouts and copy items from one layout to another and then relink the layout? Trying to keep from resending things from one plan to a layout for the other plan. Hopefully this doesn't sound too confusing.
  5. tommy1

    Adding rebar to patio slab

    I show all steel and rebar in cad details. That is what the engineer wants and the planning department.
  6. tommy1

    X12 BETA Now Available To Public...

    Copied and opened a couple of X11 plans in X12. No problems or crashing when selecting stairs (two sets of stairs had custom made handrails) and opened them. One plan was very involved and seemed fine after a preliminary look when bringing forward.
  7. tommy1

    X12 BETA Now Available To Public...

    Downloaded X12 yesterday evening. No problems migrating my user libraries over. I was surprised how fast the install was for everything. I will use it on my next new project. Have several involved ongoing plans that I will probably finish in X11.
  8. tommy1

    X12 BETA Now Available To Public...

    Yea I know. I worry about doing new plans when they first release a new version, but I may need to break my rule. I have a job coming up where if I can break the stairs to make a certain part of the stairs wider, that will save me some headache and made it easier. I've been waiting for this feature for a long time. Think I'll download it this weekend and try it.
  9. tommy1

    Importing DWG detail files

    So very true. Many times if I feel something is missing, I'll change Chief's background to black and see if something is white.
  10. tommy1

    X12 BETA Now Available To Public...

    Yes, I see the upgrade when I hit that button.
  11. tommy1

    X12 BETA Now Available To Public...

    When you download and open the program, does it still say "Beta"?
  12. tommy1

    X12 BETA Now Available To Public...

    The only thing I see in my digital locker is the current X11 and a download for "Chief Architect X3 Beta information" with no product key. X3???
  13. tommy1

    X12 BETA Now Available To Public...

    Just curious if you Beta testers believe it's stable enough to use for real jobs? I realize or believe that Chief thinks it's stable enough for open release. Is it possible for anyone to disclose and issues?
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    You need to show an example of what you need.
  15. tommy1


    Boxed Eave?
  16. tommy1

    2 Post Lift Model

    Symbols and content here at Chieftalk. Do a search for car lifts.
  17. tommy1

    2 Post Lift Model

    You can download these from the symbol forum here at Chief.
  18. Seems to work fine for me no matter which order I use. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question?
  19. tommy1

    large roof cricket needed

    Most plan checkers in Houston will accept a shingled roof between 2:12 and 4:12 as long as you provide an Ice and Water Shield underlayment. You could also provide a torch down roof. Anything less than 2:12 can not be "shingled".
  20. tommy1

    24" MONO SLAB

  21. tommy1

    24" MONO SLAB

    Rob, here in Houston, we mainly use monolithic slabs and pier and beam. If you like, send me an email (email below) and I'll send you details we use for mono slabs. Typically, the grade footing here is 24" to 27" depending on the engineer for a one story and 30" deep for a two story.
  22. tommy1

    need help with dormer

    Eric is correct. In your initial picture you posted with the red circle, that is not a dormer. It's a raised roof.
  23. tommy1


    Open the dwg in Chief.
  24. tommy1

    one time builder

    You might want to get the Pro version and place rooms how you want with correct ceiling heights. Watch out for long open spans. If there's a second floor, try to figure out the (2nd. floor) floor system thickness. Once you have the basic layout, someone with the Premier Version could help.
  25. tommy1


    I find it better to use .DWGs if possible....but Joey is right.