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  1. Doug, I did this railing over a roof about 5 years ago using solids (actually, I think I used slabs) and molding polylines.
  2. I do as Joey does. I have my engineer place and size beams in markups. Then I place them in the plan.
  3. Steve, I bought a lot of Jay's libraries back when we had .alb files for symbols. Throughout the years, I just brought them forward with each new version and still can use them...even in X12.
  4. I have that library. Lots of symbols and easy to work with. Wasn't sure if Jay's symbols were still around. I have a lot of his other libraries too.
  5. tommy1

    wall types

    Take that wall type, copy it, change how you want, rename it. Now select the wall in the plan you want to change, assign that new wall type.
  6. I have a last resort option but try Marks idea first.
  7. If all else fails, you might need to edit the cad block and reassign the new cad block to the symbol.
  8. Try changing the origins of the oven.
  9. The one in the library doesn't cut a hole though in the ceiling.
  10. For structural details like that, I always get a cad detail form my engineer. That detail could vary depending on the stairs.
  11. I usually do cad lines for a reference.
  12. I've done it but did it all manually.
  13. tommy1

    Wall load

    I always have my engineer do wall loads.
  14. Usually I can make the program do most of it but I always have to do some manual editing. I just expect it.
  15. Try turning on the fixture labels in layer display.
  16. Try just keeping all plan files and layout files in the same job folder and see if that helps.
  17. I wish this program was still available for purchase. I don't believe it is.
  18. Pretty sure you can do it here but you can't make the upstairs be loft like with railing above looking down to the garage. We have to have a 20 minute fire-rated door (self-closing) that goes to the living space above. There would have to be an egress window upstairs (bedroom or not).
  19. Exactly right. I have alot of notes that the city requires me to use in my plans...especially certain IRC notes.
  20. No. Don't do it. I don't even think your software key will help him if he's using Designer Pro. I wouldn't give my key to anyone.
  21. To get this look, I would probably make a symbol of the railing. Recess the window and control/drag the symbol into the window.
  22. You can look at my laptop specs below. Bought it in February of this year. Runs Chief just fine. I paid $1,500.00 after tax.
  23. Have never seen 2x14 lumber here however I suppose you could special order anything but don't believe you'll find it in stock in Houston.
  24. This is what I do to move the railing further in. Make the deck with the deck tool that has no railing with room definition. Place a deck railing wall inside the deck and make it no room definition and move it to where you want it on the deck. Pretty easy and simple.
  25. Go up to the attic level and be sure attic walls are turned on. Place your windows there. Window/s should not show on 1st. floor and should not have a problem placing doors on the first floor.