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  1. You can use different layers for the dimensions you want to display. I do it all the time in almost every plan.
  2. Christian, I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I've known Annette for many years. She is one of the kindest people and was always willing to help anyone. She's done complicated plans and never heard of any complaints. She's very good at what she does. I know she tries to be as accurate as she can be. She is far superior to me on doing basements since we don't have basements here in Houston. I've always known her to do good plans and am aware of awards given to her. I also know she tried to deliver the best plans possible given the information provided.
  3. I generally place all my posts and beams manually. This way, I can set them exactly how I want them as well as making everything dimension the way I want to. Really doesn't take long. I also put them on their own layers.
  4. I'll check my back-up drive this evening or tomorrow morning and see if I have it.
  5. Yes, I still have that waterfall library that was used in those renders. Some of you may remember this from a long time ago. Let me know if you would like it.
  6. Both of those renders were plans that I did many years ago. If you have questions about how I did it, feel free to call me at 832-754-6160. BTW, the waterfall textures were posted on ChiefTalk in the early forum. I probably still have them if you want them.
  7. See if you can select any room independently.
  8. Generally, that would tell me that there's a bad wall connection or wall definition somewhere.
  9. I think so. At least one of those Island room walls need to connect to an exterior wall or another wall that somewhere down the road connects to an exterior wall.
  10. Generally speaking, you don't want island rooms. All interior rooms should connect to and exterior wall or connect to another wall that somewhere down the road connects to an exterior wall. You can place another invisible wall to the exterior wall and then delete the invisible wall you don't want.
  11. Those are island rooms and Chief automatically places an invisible wall to an exterior wall so that you can have room definition. If you don't change the plan for those rooms, just create a new layer and put those invisible walls on it so you can turn them off in plan view.
  12. Try using the transform/replicate tool and move it down on the "z" axis.
  13. As you have found out, you need to have a roof to use ceiling planes. Also, ceiling planes do not create attic walls, only a roof.
  14. Diane, don't know if you're aware of this, but you can also draw a polyline> shape it around the area you want to move> with the polyline selected, you can hit edit area, then tranform/replicate it the distance you want it to move. All of the area within the polyline will move that distance. Sometimes it's very helpful doing it this way.
  15. Try closing Chief and reopen. Can you select the rooms in the orthographic view? What version of Chief are you using? It would be best to attach a plan to your post.
  16. I'm not seeing the problem either (X12). Mine looks like what Eric shows if I turn off casing and the jamb. There must be something else going on.
  17. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope this next year is great for you.
  18. When I do the screened porches, I generally place the posts and beams manually so you can do what you want. It does however depend on how the porch looks. Doing it manually really doesn't take that long once you get the hang of it and makes it easy to dimension posts.
  19. If you haven't been able to get it to work yet, then please feel free to call my cell at 832-754-6160. I may have a quick alternative route for you to do that may help.
  20. I would first make sure you have room definition for the porch. May not be the problem but I would do that first.
  21. I find a lot of surveys aren't right. I'm doing a remodel in which the survey provided to me was very old and couldn't be read. I had the owners get a new survey from the same company that did the original and found yesterday that it's way off. Off by a foot on one wall. 2.5' off on another wall and 6.5' off on another wall. These wall differences will make a difference on how the roof goes together. The owners are having them come out again ant try it once more. I usually get bad surveys about 4 times a year. Don't know how they get away with it. My site plan needs to match the survey pretty close, if not, the city may question my site plan.
  22. Doug, I did this railing over a roof about 5 years ago using solids (actually, I think I used slabs) and molding polylines.
  23. I do as Joey does. I have my engineer place and size beams in markups. Then I place them in the plan.