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  1. Christina_Girerd

    Why can't room be determined from window frame?

    More good suggestions - thank you. I've got a big deadline tomorrow, so I didn't have extra time to investigate on my own. I use both those methods for other things, hadn't thought to apply it here, but they'd work well.
  2. Christina_Girerd

    Why can't room be determined from window frame?

    Good suggestion - thanks!
  3. I want to change all the window and door components in this room to another color. I tried to save time by using the spray paint tool with "Room" application selected, but I keep getting this "unable to determine room..." dialog. The alternative it offers me is to change the whole object, but that doesn't work for me as I want the interior white, but need to keep the exterior brown. I tried clicking on the main part of the door, the door frame, the window frame - they all gave me this dialog. So I'm having to manually spray paint each component so I only get the interior colors changed. At first I spray painted the entire floor to change the color, but just like the "spray paint object" mode, it also changed the exterior window and door color which I did not want. So I thought I could at least spray by room, and then it would just get the items within the interior of the room, but apparently not. These are standard Chief doors and window. I checked this out in a brand new plan and had the same problem. Am I missing something? Or is the program not able to distinguish which part of a window or door is in the room and which is "outside" so it gets confused? But when I spray in component mode, it knows the difference. This has also got me thinking that maybe we need one more variation of the spray paint modes - between room mode and floor mode - an all interiors mode. Hmmm...
  4. Christina_Girerd

    Lintel not extending?

    I just tried it again, and yes, I could give the lintel a separate material. I did have a molding profile for the lintel, but I was looking at it in a 3D view, and I'm guessing I accidentally spray painted the material in object mode instead of component and thus thought I couldn't change it individually. I thought I had also looked to see if it listed a material separately for the lintel, but maybe not. Anyway, good to know you can use a separate material for the lintel and I just missed it somehow. Thanks.
  5. Christina_Girerd

    Lintel not extending?

    When I mulled the the door and windows, then the lintel worked as expected. Unfortunately, after that, I realized that the frame and lintel are a single material, so I can't give the lintel it's own material and the client wants a stone lintel, so I'm back to the manual lintel anyway. Oh well!
  6. Christina_Girerd

    Lintel not extending?

    I deleted the windows, and it still won't extend. Not worth messing with more at this point, I'll just put on a manual one. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. Christina_Girerd

    Lintel not extending?

    Trying another feature I don't normally use, the lintel extension for a door. I thought I could quickly use the door lintel extension to have a unified lintel across the door and two side window. It showed fine in the preview window, but upon closing the dbx, it only shows the lintel exactly over the door, as is shown in the image. I lowered the windows down farther than I really want, just to see if they were causing a conflict, and they are now definitely lower than the lintel, so it doesn't seem they are the problem. I know I can just draw a lintel manually, but now I'm curious why this isn't working as I expected.
  8. Christina_Girerd

    Second Story Bay Window problem

  9. Christina_Girerd

    Second Story Bay Window problem

    The client wants a bay window on the second floor directly over the bay window of the first floor, but we don't want it continuous. I tried to "raise up" the bottom of the second floor bay window like I did with the first floor (raised the floor up 24" floor in settings), but it continues to show walls down to the roof of the first floor bay window. Any ideas what I am missing? I attached images of the exterior that shows it continuous, and the second story interior view that shows the raised bottom - on the inside at least. Thanks
  10. Christina_Girerd

    Free Iron Railing Panel

    Hi Dave - just found your wrought iron panel - just what I need for a current project. Thanks!
  11. Christina_Girerd

    User Library - Suggestions?

    I typically haven't had problems with custom symbols when Chief updates. What I found helpful for me in setting up my User Library items, was to have my library item folders on my hard drive match the folder structure in my User Library. I tend not to have many project specific items, so I have a single "Chief Library" folder that has main folders for Backdrops, Bonus Libraries, Color Themes, Images, Manufacturer Libraries, Misc Calibz (usually downloads from helpful Chief users that have a mix of items that don't quite fit in a single folder so I toss it in there until I sort it out) and Textures. Then if I find something online that I want to add to my library, I put the original file into the proper subfolder on my hard drive to start with, then create the new item from within Chief. Very infrequently, but it does happen, I have had to recreate my User Library from scratch and a few times I did it as a test, so by keeping the hard drive folder structure a match to what I want my User Library to be, if something ever happens and I need to recreate it, it will be much easier. It also makes it easier if I want to compare original images of some type, Stucco, for example, to see which images have the highest quality or most detail if I am cleaning out, update or sorting my files, when they are all in the same folder. Within various Texture folders, such as Stucco, I tend to sort by color families with subfolders such as Beige Stuccos, Brown Stuccos, Dark Stuccos, Gold Stuccos, Grey Stuccos, Light Stuccos, Reddish Stuccos, Other Stuccos. I also keep copies of the various bonus calibz and manufacturer libraries, because those sometimes get updated or changed, and I still want to use some item from an older catalog, so having the original still allows me to add it to my user library even if Chief no longer has it as part of their main offerings. As others mentioned, I try to keep the symbols part of my user library basically matching the structure of Chiefs Core Library since over time I have gotten used to it. I also copy my user library every year or so, and label it with a date, so if I ever need to go back to something, I can. Definitely worth checking what other people do, thinking about how you use it, and taking time to set up a good system.
  12. Christina_Girerd

    Pt to Pt Resize Problem

    I went back to using a CAD line to scale for this one too. I checked X11 and yep, it only showed it working horizontal or vertical, but I really thought I had used it on angles at some time. I wonder why they don't let it be used on other angles? As that would sure be useful in cases like this angled parcel map. I will submit a request that. And a bug report for the scale differences issue.
  13. Christina_Girerd

    Pt to Pt Resize Problem

    Did the Point to Point Resize tool change in the update? I was trying to use it tonight and don't remember having it only let you resize in exactly horizontal or vertical. I'm trying to adjust one side of a parcel map image. I first tried to resize the image as I brought it into Chief - the blue rectangle in the image, and found out I couldn't use the pt to pt tool between the two property corners because it wasn't horizontal or vertical. So then I rotated the image - the yellow rectangle - and tried to use the pt to pt tool again. This time I could snap between the two corners, but the dimensions would not come out accurately. I was trying to set the distance between the circled corners of the yellow rectangle to 80' so I entered that in the pt to pt resize dbx, but the result measures out to about 88' 5". I tried this multiple times and do not get accurate results. My guess is that it is some issue with the image being rotated. Anything I am missing?
  14. Christina_Girerd

    Re-center tool for Room Names?

    Thanks Glen!
  15. Christina_Girerd

    Re-center tool for Room Names?

    Is there any command I'm missing somewhere to "re-center" Room Names? When I take an As-Built and start modifying walls for a new design, I often get confusing and overlapping room names when I have a lot of small, adjacent rooms. Sometimes it can even be confusing to figure out which label goes with which room because they take the same name as the last big room before I took out walls. Obviously I can figure out by size and/or changing the title of the room. It would save a lot of time in these cases to have a "re-center" option for room names. Methods might be: re-center any rooms within a selection rectangle, or a tool to click in each room or selected rooms to recenter, or an option in the Room Spec dbx on the General tab right by where we select the room type to "re-center" the label. I'll put in a request for this if there isn't any option I'm already missing. While we're on the subject of Room Name label placement... it always annoys me that the room labels are always set below the vertical center point of the room. I always have to move them up because they look visually "wrong" to me to be below center, like I didn't pay attention when I placed them. I wish we would have a default option as to how our room labels would be placed. I've submitted a request for this before, but If this bothers anyone else, please submit a feature request.