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  1. Christina_Girerd


    Almost all my work is additions/remodels. Not so many new builds in our area since it is so built out already.
  2. Christina_Girerd


    And forgot to mention that I always ask the client if they have any floor plans from previous work done. Then I use those to save time. And if I do need to measure the whole house, I tell them they can help me if they want and reduce my time spent. They are always happy to do that and I get to know them a bit better while we're walking around with the tape measure and they feel glad they are saving some money.
  3. Christina_Girerd


    About 95% of the time I draw the whole house, including interior walls. Always do the exterior though, as I need the square footage numbers to know allowable square footage for the addition, walls in relation to setbacks, etc. I might not draw the whole house interior if I'm just doing a kitchen remodel, for example, in which case I might just label the back end of the house "Bedrooms" and not show any interior walls except those connected to the immediate remodel area. As was mentioned, drawing the interior walls is fairly quick and usually helps give the client context to see the whole thing. I just tell the client that putting in the existing plan is part of the project set-up, which includes checking the local codes, getting site data, etc. I've never had any client question me about it.
  4. Christina_Girerd

    Tried The New Style Palette in X12...

    Yes, I briefly thought about that as a general library enhancement, but am in the middle of a project so just mentioned that one before I got distracted. I will add a comment to expand the idea to the report I already submitted. I might well have asked for that in the past too. The hassle with starting a Style Palette from a folder in the library is that it only lets you add objects as you have them in your defaults, which of course you can then customize through the dbx. Or you don't add any objects but just give it a name, then you go back in the plan, select the object(s) you want and select the Style Palette icon to "Add to Existing." It just adds a few more steps and doesn't seem as straight forward a work-flow to me. I've noticed that most of the Style Palettes I have created so far have been from partially non-default items that are already in one of my plans, so I need to select them specifically in the plan and then select Style Palette to create or add them to.
  5. Christina_Girerd

    Tried The New Style Palette in X12...

    I'll put in a bug report for the folder option idea.
  6. Christina_Girerd

    Tried The New Style Palette in X12...

    As I am creating some basic Style Palettes, I notice they end up at the main level of the User Catalog. When we create a new Style Palette, it would be efficient to have an option in in the Style Palette Spec dbx to specify which folder the new creation ends up in so we don't have to go sort it out in the Library Browser later.
  7. Christina_Girerd

    Tried The New Style Palette in X12...

    That also makes sense to me too after working with them some more. And since I mostly focus on preliminary design, my clients don't usually have any specific manufacturer in mind yet, so I just need to give them the general "look" at that point, and do fine-tuning later.
  8. Christina_Girerd

    Tried The New Style Palette in X12...

    Found a weird issue when working with the style palettes.. I saved a couple style palettes that are only base and wall cabinets. If I select one of those style palettes from my library and select the "Object" spray painter and click on a cabinet, it correctly changes to the new style. If I select the "Floor" spray painter and click anywhere in the room - floor, cabinet, wherever - all cabinets on that floor change to the new style. However if I select the "Room" spray painter to apply the new style, it only changes if I click on either the floor, the baseboard or the ceiling! Doesn't work if I click on any cabinet, wall, window. Later I had a style palette that was just the room - floor and walls. When I selected the "Floor" spray painter to apply it in a plan, I could click on the floor, cabinets, backsplash, windows and ceiling to apply it, but if I clicked on any wall, it would not apply it. Don't know if there are other combinations like that. Seems like a bug to me. Anyone else notice this? Back to Steve's comment about how to name style palettes - seems a bit tricky to me too, as I try it out. Even just doing a few simple palettes of cabinet variations with just cabinet color, countertop, backsplash and hardware variations becomes a naming challenge. I've started with a general style first like Shaker, Modern, Farmhouse, and then a color indicator like blue, grey and white, etc and then just a number after - thus "Shaker Blue 01." I also think I may end up with some style palettes that just include variations of flooring, baseboards, ceiling molding and wall color. Separate cabinetry palettes. Seems more flexible at this point for the way I work on remodels. I also noticed I can't select an exterior wall or roofing to create a style palette for exteriors, except for doors and windows. I'd find it very useful to have exterior style palettes that include exterior wall and roofing material, fascia, soffits, etc, as well as exterior doors, garage door and windows. I usually finish the exterior of any house I'm working on before I get to the interior, so I'd normally put in the exterior doors and windows at that time, not when I'm just working on interior style. This is a really great new feature! Just needs some fine-tuning as we start to use it.
  9. I just met with a client this morning who is interested in a backsplash similar to what is shown in the photo. I've been looking through the Chief catalog, and the closest I've found so far is a DalTile "Argento," but it doesn't have quite enough contrast. Does anyone know if there is a material that looks similar to the one below? I might have missed downloading one of the manufacturer catalogs. Thanks.
  10. Christina_Girerd

    Tried The New Style Palette in X12...

    I'm looking into the Style Palettes and was wondering if Chief had any examples already in the Library somewhere? I searched a bit but didn't find any. I'm about to create a few of my own. Just curious - what are "SAM" users?
  11. Christina_Girerd

    X12 "Reset Names"

    I would be one of those people who would not have known to reset the layers when opening a legacy plan. I have quite a few legacy plans, too. As I think about it because you brought it up in these comments, it seems obvious, but when I'm busy and working and need to pull something up from the past, it doesn't occur to me to think - wait - which version was that done in, do I need to reset layer names? I just want to get on with my work. I opened the LDO to see what button you were talking about and realize I hadn't really noticed it. And if I hadn't read this post, I wouldn't have known that it was something I could/should use when I open a legacy plan. So I opened up a legacy plan from 2005 and tried it out - yep, lots of layers that didn't exist back in 2005 that do now, plus some name changes. I would probably vote to just do this automatically for legacy plans, but Dermot is probably right that a few people might want a preference to turn this off. Another option would be to have a dbx upon opening stating "This is a legacy plan. Would you like to Reset the Layer Names?" with a yes/no right there so nobody has to think about where it is. This also makes me wonder if there are any other things that are recommended to do when converting legacy plans? If so, maybe those would also be listed in the "This is a legacy plan..." alert dbx upon opening? Each with a yes/no option. And if there are multiple things to deal with, an option at the bottom to "Remind Me Later" or something to that effect and then somewhere in a menu or whatever logical place, an option to "Update Legacy Plan" with those items listed for when the user wants to deal with it.
  12. Christina_Girerd

    Adjusting layout picture box to non-rectangle shape?

    I had forgotten about having to send it to plan, or having it in my plan and then sending it to layout. So I decided I should just open up the saved camera view and send it into the layout. However when I sent it to layout, with "current screen" selected, it sent a much larger view than the current screen, but not the entire plan either. I can now use the Break tool to adjust the box perimeter, but then when I wanted to enlarge it, I can't find a way to do that. What would normally be the resize handles just expand the box (i.e. undo any cropping) and I tried holding various Ctrl or other keys, but those didn't seem to work. Any suggestions on how to enlarge it? First image was the current screen image, second shows what I had selected in the dbx, third shows what showed up in the layout. I also tried sending the camera view to layout with "current screen as image" which actually sends the "current screen" as expected, but then I can't use the Break tool. (BTW, I will send in a bug report "feature request" asking that we be able to use the Break tool on images in layout.) When I went to re-open my saved camera view (the first image) - it had been changed to the weird partial view that showed in layout even though I closed the camera view in plan saying "don't save." Odd.
  13. I'm pretty sure I've done this before, but can't remember how and apparently didn't have the right buzz words to find it in help or in this forum... I have a .jpg picture file of a house overview on a layout page. I want to angle one side of the .jpg rectangle to crop out part of the driveway and take out a small chunk on the other side. I looked for something like the Break tool to adjust the edges, but can't seem to find anything. What am I missing? Thanks.
  14. Christina_Girerd

    Shelf ceiling - how to finish edge?

    Yep - that was it - invisible wall layer. Thank you!
  15. Christina_Girerd

    Shelf ceiling - how to finish edge?

    I'm using a shelf ceiling for the first time in a garage/ADU conversion loft and I was surprised at how it shows the edge. Anyone have any suggestions for a good way to close off the edge? Thanks.