Floor Plans - Hand Sketch Style


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...adjust the technique options to your liking.


However, this only gets you part way there - there is no cut plane, so you won't see windows and doors.

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Why doesn't the cross section slider work in orthographic views?


I believe it does. But you must change the Orthographic Overview to something other than a Vector View (which it generates by default) before the Cross Section Slider becomes available (Standard, Glass House, Duotone etc.). See the first pic.


The second pic is also an Orthographic Overview rendered as Line Drawing, I believe.


Hope this helps.



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This pic is not converted to a sketch style here, but you can use another program to set any number of sketch style options, and even merge it with the pic using FotoSketcher.


The actual image was created from a model that originated in CA and then exported out to Octane Render where a Top view was used in Ortho camera mode and then the clipping distance was adjusted. (Kind of Touchy)


What I found interesting about this is that anything that does not recieve light in the interactive render viewport is black.  Just didn't think about it I guess, but it does make sense.  Not so sure I like it though.

Also notice the doors and also the pickets on the exterior railing.  Anything in the model can be cut at any camera angle in either Perspective or Ortho camera modes.


Check out the blotches where the tables are located.  I think you can turn off the shadows using render passes, but I am not really sure about that.  You could also hide the layers for the tables before exporting the model.


Keep Squiggling.


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Very nice.


Can you set the effects to Ortho, and then create a cutting plane with Lumion?  I take it that you can set a time of day for the sun shadows, but is there also a way to place room and effect lighting?


CA and Final View with Shadows might get close to this and then tweak it a bit.  But, that wouldn't get the cutting plane the OP is after though.

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