Export A Layout File To Dwg


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Use the CAD detail from view tool then export from there.



Why do you want to do this?

I export Layouts to engineers or other consultants in some cases as the layout sometimes has more info. than the plan, such as Legends or views linked from other files.

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I had to do this pro bono for someone


I clicked on each drawing in the layout so that it would go back to the plan (there were 3)


then I created a .DWG of each drawing from the plan and send the entire collection via email



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I send CAD files to engineers on all of my local projects. Trying to export layouts to CAD is a bit of a nightmare. Lew is right, if you can export your dwg from the plan, you'll get the best result. If you have to export the layout to CAD, the best results I've gotten have been from doing the following:

  1. In the plan view, create a 'CAD detail from view' of everything before sending to layout. Then send that CAD detail to the layout.
  2. In the layout, make sure all white text on black background is on its own layer with default color set to white for the text (otherwise it will export your white text as black on black background, making it invisible).
  3. Create a 'CAD detail from view' of each layout page. Then export that CAD detail for each layout sheet to dwg/dxf separately. 

It's still not perfect, but way better than anything else I've tried. And of course, if you make any changes to the plan, you have to go back and create new CAD details, resend them to the layout, etc.  If you don't create the 'CAD details from view' in both the plan and the layout, text ends up rotating and moving all around, and strange objects tend to appear - for me, anyways.


I really wish some improvements would be made in this area in future versions. 

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