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  1. Thank You for your response, however, that driver is one of several listed on the hp web site that I have tried and this one is not recognized for a 24" printer. I am open for any other suggestions. Again thank You for the effort.
  2. Does anyone have a driver for an HP Designjet 500. I have a new computer with windows10 and I cannot find a driver that will work. My old computer was also windows 10 and I had to resort to a windows XP driver, however I cannot find the driver in my resources. I have called HP tech support and they were only able to find the drivers that are listed on the web site, but none of them give me full access to the printer. The last version that worked on my system was V8.??. The drivers on the web site are V6.?? and are not fully compatible. My new comuter is running I9 processor, Asrock z390 motherboard and the SSD is the Samsung 1 tb H10. Any help would be appreciated. My email is Thank you
  3. When Creating my schedules only the windows and door have the related numbers assigned on the plan. Other schedules such as my Electric, fixture etc., numbers are not assigned to the plan. Any suggestions why. I am using X12, previous versions I have had no problem. Is there something in X12 that I am not aware of or any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Saving to an internal hard drive, same as I have been for all previous versions of Chief, and there is over 1 TB of free space.
  5. I have just upgraded to X8 premiere from X7 Premiere. The time to save files is extremely slow, maybe 5 seconds or longer. I tried my existing files from X7 and then created a new file in X8. The file in X8 was bare minimum, walls and roof only and it still took at least 5 seconds. I am running Windows 7 64bit, with intel core i7-4790 processor, 16gb ram. Any thoughts as to what has slowed my system down when saving the file. Before upgrading to X8 I upgraded to Window 10. I had nothing but problems and then restored back to Windows 7. I am still experiencing problems in Windows 7 since the attempt to upgrade to Windows 10. However, under Windows 7 and Chief X7 there was no apparent problem. Does anyone suspect a conflict from Windows 10?
  6. I have just found another work around. By placing a wall divider with thickness of 0 at the common area of the 2 walls, the hatch snaps into place. Can anyone explain why I have the problem and must use a work around?
  7. Wall type are totally different. I have had this occur on other drawings and other type of walls as well. I have used cad symbols to differentiate the two.
  8. I am generating my foundation using the foundation build and I am displaying this with no hatch. Adding new foundations, I add a hatch and it will display as I draw it. When the foundation closes on the other side, I lose the hatch. When I detach the foundation, i.e. it is not closed, the hatch returns. I have tried to change layers, turned layers on and off but to no avail. I have attached the file showingthe foundation open. When I close it the hatch disappears. Any suggestions?
  9. Is there a way to convert a layout sheet to DWG file. When I try to convert the layout sheet to a DWG all layers seem to be turned on and the file is unreadable both in autocad and in Chiefarch. I have resorted to converting each individual file that is displayed in the layout sheet to a DWG. But I then I have to place them manually in an autocad layout. Any suggestions? I am using X6. I have had this same dilemma in earlier versions, now it is becoming important to send DWG files to others.
  10. Exporting a plan is no problem however, when I export a layout file it seems there is no filtering. All Layers are exported into one large DWG file. Does anyone have a solution? That is, just exporting a specific sheet on the layout.
  11. I should have clarified a few items: I am running WINDOWS 7 on a Powerspec with an Icore 7, 16 GB ram and Nvidia 760 video card with 2 gigs of ram. I have been using the CA6 PDF print driver to get the PDF file. I just tried using PDF995 driver. It reduced the file from 16 MB to 550 KB. Hard to believe but so far it has worked on 2 files.
  12. When I print a layout file using CA6 print PDF it generates a large file. Changing the DPI and using a zip file has had little impact on the file size. In many cases (16 MB) Is what is generated and this is too large to send as an email. Does anyone have a better method to save a layout file in a smaller format and still print to an accurate scale. I am using CA X6 DWG files will not work for layout files.