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  1. I would be interested in talking with you about the freelance drafting help. I have been using Chief Architect for the past 5 years. I started with a design build firm in Scottsdale AZ (Legacy Design). Now I am doing freelance for the past 4 years after moving to California. I use X8, X9 and X10 and do complete working drawings for submittal or design work for kitchen and bath layouts. I also have many years with new home construction in Arizona.    

    Thank you

    John Torres

    623 340-3093


    4836 Placidia 11-30-16-Layout.pdf

    Resume 2018 ca.pdf

  2. I'm backlogged. I'm looking for a freelance designer/drafter to help with revisions to existing stock plans. Payment will be on a per-project basis. I'll send a list of changes/additions the customer would like to make to a plan, you quote a fee and time frame to complete. Payment schedule is negotiable, but a percentage of your fee as job milestones are completed seems to make sense. I'd like to work with someone that has at least 3 years experience with residential design and Chief Architect, and is familiar with contemporary/modern styles and southwest construction - manufactured trusses, mostly monolithic slabs, parapets or low roof pitches. I draft my own sections (I don't use CA's auto-detail for those) so you'll need some CAD skills to edit those as well. You must have your own current CA license. My plans are in X2 - X10, so having some older versions on your system would be a bonus but not required. You must be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Send me a private message with your contact info if you're interested!
  3. mydog8it

    String Lights / Party Lights

    Thank you. I will give that a try.
  4. Does anyone know where I can find a symbol for a set of string lights that work as lights in CA? I'm looking for those big bulbs on a single draped line. I found a few string light symbols in 3d warehouse but I'm not able to get them working as lights. Something like this:
  5. mydog8it

    Automatic Wall Framing

    Got it. This is super helpful. Thank you! Thanks- I was wondering about the partition walls, too. Can't watch on my phone, but i will check this out when I'm at my desk Interesting.
  6. mydog8it

    Buying a new computer

    They weren't always owned by Dell. But 5 years is a pretty good life span for a computer.
  7. mydog8it

    Automatic Wall Framing

    Thanks for the feedback! When you say "on layout," do you mean a stud at each edge of the shear panel?
  8. mydog8it

    Buying a new computer

    In my opinion, asus rog (republic of gamers) is the most reliable gaming computer brand out there. I'm not a fan of Dell (which is Alienware).
  9. mydog8it

    Automatic Wall Framing

    So, as far as best practice when actually framing the building, there would be a typical 3-stud California corner on each corner (without the "u" CA is adding), and the "frame though" would be on the bearing wall? I'd love feedback from any contractors on how this is actually done vs. rendered.
  10. mydog8it

    Automatic Wall Framing

    Now this has me wondering - is the "frame through" typically on the load bearing walls? Like this (cross hatch is bearing):
  11. mydog8it

    Automatic Wall Framing

    Ahhh. So it only fixed it when I checked the box because when the corner changed directions, the stud spacing was different. Thanks for the clarity. I measured the spacing on the corners with extra studs, and sure enough, they are greater than 16" oc. Apparently I have to move and re-align everything again.
  12. mydog8it

    Automatic Wall Framing

    Interesting - I had it unchecked, but I just tested it again and checking that box fixed it. It also rotated all of the corners. Thanks
  13. mydog8it

    Automatic Wall Framing

    This plan is in X8. I haven't downloaded X9 yet...I really need to get on that before X10 comes out. lol Thanks for the tip on the framing reference points. I've already moved/aligned/centered everything on this one, but I'll check it out if I have to do a wall framing plan again. I don't do them for the same reason-framers won't even bother to look at it.
  14. mydog8it

    Buying a new computer

    My old computer is the older version of that. I love it. The only upside to this smaller one is portability.
  15. mydog8it

    Automatic Wall Framing

    Thanks. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Sidenote: The crazy off-center non-symmetrical spacing of wall studs at the corners and around/over openings is killing me.