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Been doing a lot of 3D models, selling a lot of jobs :), love Chief.....BUT, getting more into the layouts for spec and using dimensioning and other annotation and....... well...let me do this.....

I have been a user of ACAD since version 3 and when it comes to the dimensioning and annotation, the logic is this way;


1) you create your line work in what's called "model space" (and in model space you can annotate, but must watch your scaling for printing purposes) then,

2) you create "layout sheet(s)", bring your model into the layout at the desired/required scale, THEN, do all/most of the dimensioning and annotation.


The "model space" is like "plan view" in Chief, and the "layout sheet(s) serve a similar purpose.


However, in ACAD, you set up the printed size of the annotation and dimension line work as a separate entity, and overlay it in the layout view. It is independent of the scale of the model when used in this way.

You can set up many different text heights as desired, and choose whichever when annotating (same for the dimension line work and arrows).

Again, no matter the model scale, or sheet size, the printed size you choose is the printed size you get!


Is there a similar way to do this in Chief, or must I be more conscious of the scaling prior to the layout? I believe, at least the dimensioning in Chief must take place in plan/sections view only.


Any input on the inner workings in Chief, in this area, would be appreciated....


Thanks - Mike



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For CA, almost all of my work is done in the Plan file (Model Space). Very little (or nothing) goes exclusively into the Layout file (Paper Space) that is a direct connection to the plan drawings. Therefore, text sizes are dealt with in the plan file through the annotation sets.


Here is a simplification:

I know I will be sending my site plan to layout at 1/8" scale so therefore my Site Plan Anno set has the text and arrows scale set for 1/8" scale. For my font I am using I have the text at 10" and the arrows at either 10" or 8"


I know I will send my plan view at 1/4" scale and so my Floor Plan Anno set drives the sizes for text at 5" and arrows at 4".


This way, all the text notes on the site plan and the floor plan will both read at really close to 1/8" tall actual on the printed page.


The annotation sets are key for having a smooth and productive workflow.

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I use the same method as Alan.  Any CAD done in the Plan is automatically in the Layout.  If you set up your Layout very early in the project, you can just open the Plan and Layout and work in the Plan.  Your Layout pages are continuously being updated except for Elevation and Section Views. 

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Alan, Joe,

Thanks for the feedback...

So, CA looks to have (OOB) the "printed" text height default to 1/8" high?

So, as long as you match the anno scale in plan with the layout scale, this is the end result?... will mess around with this some more, but seems pretty straight forward....

As far as layer sets and annotation sets as a whole, haven't quite got my head around this yet as far as controlling what's visible (or not) in a particular view.

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Be sure and examine the feature that makes an annotation set "drive" a layer set.  It is a feature many Chiefers use.  See attached.


The LAYER SET setting in the Annotation Set Dialog Box is set one of two ways.  Either it is set to the "Use Active Layer Set" setting or it is set to a specified layer set.  In the image seen here, it is set to the Framing Set layer set, which means selection of this anno set will "drive" the layer set selection and turn ON that "Framing Set" layer set.


It is a great feature of the program.


Once you get comfortable with the plan view layer sets and anno sets and have figured out how it will work for you, it is time to create all of the anno sets for detailing so you can do your CAD details in all of the scales such as 1-1/2" = 1'-0".


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Creating Reference sets are also big for me, It's use them for showing other things from another floor on the current floor. I use a reference set for just about every plan, roof , framing , site etc. You can set them up in the layout but create them in the plan. Very handy for creating construction Doc.s

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