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Looking at laying out the shower stalls and backsplashes in my plans with more detail. Is there a way in Chief to lay these things out ( actual tile sizes and shapes, arranged layed out to scale of the drawing ) so that they appear as they will to the client when the job is done? Or do I just create a cad block? I would like it to look right in 3D views and whatnot for clients. Typical design : diamond12x12 above mosaic strip 6" or so, above 16x16 squares... how do I do this in Chief? Or can it be done?



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It can be done anywhere from easily to very difficult depending on the specifics of the tile .

12x12's area easy. Diamond 12x12 easy. Listellos easy to very difficult. If you have one in chief that you want to use it's easy. IF you want another one not in chief it can be much more difficult if not impossible.

For my own bathroom I took pictures of the tile boards at the tile store and converted them into materials. I don't think you will be doing that for a client. One thing that is important to know is that if you want to do two different layouts with the same tile (running bond and diagonal for instance) make a copy of the tile and change it's name and then rotate the texture and


THe one you are showing may be a bit harder because most of the tile are straight bond not 1/2 offset lick a brick pattern but I think X6 has a few.

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Yes, I agree with Dennis. 


Apart from that you said "I would like it to look right in 3D views and whatnot for clients. Typical design: diamond12x12 above mosaic strip 6" or so, above 16x16 squares... how do I do this in Chief? Or can it be done?" 


I think in this case you may use glass-tiles-backsplash (that are easily a\found from stores as wholetiles) for making a kindof 3d view. For more its better to contact with anexpert who can give you a better idea of it.

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As mentioned there is the wall material region method. I clad the walls and create curbs, sills and the likes with partitions. Tile materials are then applied to these and adjusted accordingly. This method allows me to easily dimension all views and control every element. Partitions also conform to all snap behaviours and can be manipulated in all views.



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I too usually just use wall material regions and then adjust the pattern and texture setting appropriately.  Often times it requires several wall material regions and multiple copies of the same material with different settings for each, but its not too difficult to draw up pretty accurate tile layouts that way...





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