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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. When I set up the wall with the main layer 6" and the interior 4", as pictured above but when I select okay to exit the edit tool it shows briefly with the concrete texture then goes back to how it originally looked and I still can only select the outer line. Something so simple but so frustrating haha
  2. Hey got a quick question. I have built my foundation level and made particular walls footing walls but when I go to dimension for center lines I cant get the dimension string to go to the slab. It will only pull to the outside of the brick line or the furthest inside line. Any info would be great. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for this info! On the "patterns 3d" I have changed the line weight as well as color options but it never changes on the view. If I turn the display off then it goes away completely. The "show line weight tool" is the box on the lefthand side correct?
  4. Hey, so this probably has a really simple answer but I can't seem to find how to do it. On my exterior elevations, I would like to change the weight or transparency of my roof material or my brick material. I would like to even omit it in some cases. Right now they are both the same weight and it can blend together. Thanks for any input! This is my layout: This is what I would like it to look like without material details
  5. Got it fixed! Somehow on the send to layout box where the scale is set, the " merge lines" was checked.
  6. New poster here, really needs some help with this. Every time we send elevations to layout they come in basically solid black. Even when we send cabinet elevations to layout the line thickness is the way to thick to making cabinet profiles unrecognizable. I have adjusted multiple line weights with little to no luck. I have to get this fixed because I cant send anything to layout without it looking incorrect. Any info or help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the tips. Could it be that simple? Moving the planes out of the way? I will see. Thanks again.
  8. Lees Working.planOk so I'm using x7, doing a remodel. The existing plan has been established. I'm wanting the center area (which was a courtyard) to become heated space, with a 20' ceiling, with high windows in the protruding area. I want to see the walls when I build the second story, and maintain temporarily all the roof planes on the existing plan in order to work on the new roof. When I add 2nd floor, and edit the walls to the shape I am looking for, the walls do not build in 3d view, just the floor and ceiling. If I rebuild the roof, I don't know how to maintain the planes that were auto built before, as they are unedited. However, rebuilding the roof seems to be the only way to get the walls to extend up to the second floor. I must be missing something. Attaching plan...
  9. Ok. Using X7 now, and having a bit of trouble getting my changes to plan materials in a shower setting to show up in 3d views. It seems that the changes show in 2d elevations, but are not visible in 3d views. I need those changes to actually show. I am changing the patterns by selecting the poly solid > materials > select material > plan materials > edit, then > general tab to change size of tiles and > pattern tab to change 'pattern source' to brick. My changes appear to work in elevations but are not being applied in the 3d view. Is there something that I am missing that would fix this? I do not understand. Help?
  10. Easy way ( or difficult way for that matter ) to create a soap ledge in a wall? x6
  11. Sorry, yes X6. I will look into your advice. Thanks. Wonder if anyone else has a way that they've done this before?
  12. Looking at laying out the shower stalls and backsplashes in my plans with more detail. Is there a way in Chief to lay these things out ( actual tile sizes and shapes, arranged layed out to scale of the drawing ) so that they appear as they will to the client when the job is done? Or do I just create a cad block? I would like it to look right in 3D views and whatnot for clients. Typical design : diamond12x12 above mosaic strip 6" or so, above 16x16 squares... how do I do this in Chief? Or can it be done? THANKS!
  13. Hi there, I'm mostly teaching myself how to use the program, but hit a snag now and then. This time, it's trying to incorporate some special details in roof planes. Windows that break the baseline of the roof structure, with what I've heard called "eyebrows" above them, and rafter tails that necessitate multiple pitches on a single roof plane. Attaching pics. I am quite stumped by this. Obviously I don't understand roof - work in CA yet, because the process seems kind of clunky and unintuitive. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!