Roof Planes Over One Room Cutting Into Neighboring Planes


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In the attached plan with an auto-generated roof, I have the odd problem of one room's (the dressing room's) roof planes (cutting into the neighboring rooms' (stairwell's, master bedroom's and hallway's) roof planes.  I've checked all ceiling heights, but can't nail down the problem.  And messing with the ceiling heights seems to create more problems.  I should add that the intent is to have all finished ceiling heights on the 2nd floor to be the same at 107 5/8".


Images of the problem (interior and exterior views) attached.   Plan is too large (even zipped) to include, but I can provide via Dropbox if need-be.


Thanks very much in advance for any help.





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"Stud-height" is controlled by way of the "Ceiling Height" setting of each room specification dialog - Structure Tab - Ceilng Height input value. It appears to me (us) that you have it set unusually low for just that room with the unwanted low roof planes. The software just reacts to settings per unit of time, so find the offending setting or settings and then all will be well.


The software just does what it is told to do or in a lot of cases what one fails to tell or set and thus you get unwanted results. Straighten out your settings and it will deliver the expected results, always.



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Thank you for the response.  I appreciate it.  No, I do not find that the room is under its own roof group.  You may have something re the stud height however.  I'm attaching a dollhouse view.  If you really need to see the plan, I can provide it if you give me a channel or I can use Dropbox.  Thanks again.


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David, thank you as well. 


Yes, I realize that stud height is established by ceiling height.  I've checked my ceiling height and it is the same (107 5/8") as the two of the three rooms/spaces that surround it (master bedroom (above) and hallway (to right)).  Room specs for these rooms/spaces, as well as for the rest of the second floor for that matter, are shown on the attached screen capture.  Room specs for the stairwell (shown at the bottom of the image) on the other hand, are quite different.  I would think this a likely candidate for the source of my problem, but not sure how to fix it without creating other problems.


Thank You.



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To reduce the size of your plan, save it under a new name and then gut it ... get rid of everything but the structure ... no cabinets, no fixtures, no electrical, no arch. blocks, no terrain, etc. - whatever you can remove to reduce the file size.  Once you've done that, hopefully you will be able to zip it and post here.  If not, zip it and use Dropbox.

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