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  1. 1. Set your dimension defaults to locate both wall sides. 2. You can set the label macro to display the actual cabinet width
  2. You'll notice in my initial post that I mentioned you need to draw the profile of both the crown and the flat stock. No need to make molding polylines and try to get them aligned with your windows. With this method you can move or resize the windows and have the lintel adjust automatically.
  3. You can draw the profile of the crown and flat stock then add it to your library. Then select this profile in the "Lintel" tab in the window dialog box. Check the "Wrap" box for i t to return and fiddle with the "Extend" setting to make it look right. This way you can easily reuse it at other windows without manually creating it from molding polylines.
  4. You are a genius !
  5. Learned some good tips from all but one of these posts. Thanks !
  6. Here's a CA video on creating the eyebrow shape:
  7. Did you F6 to Zoom-Fill Window and "Select All" to see if anything highlights in the hinterlands? You can then window select that object to find out what it is.
  8. I see the black flicker as well. I have not noticed any effect speed or graphic results. I did not even register it as a problem. Video card is reasonably stout. (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER)
  9. Logitec M525 small, wireless, 3 button
  10. If you apply the molding using a Molding Polyline instead of the room dialog box you will have more control over starts and stops. Right click in the room and select 'Make Room Molding Polyline" You can then select segments of the polyline (or create new segments with the break tool) and have them display the molding or not.
  11. Use whatever size sheet allows you to communicate clearly. Many of the builders I work with love it when a project fits on 11x17.
  12. If you enter a value for "Raise Bottom Rail" you can express the post attachment like the image posted by Boxon1
  13. Habitat is not made from shipping containers. (Unless they were making containers from precast concrete in '67.) I cant imagine why anyone would want to live in a shipping container. The proportions are terrible for living spaces. To rectify that you must modify/customize them beyond what any reasonable logic would allow. Insulation? Windows? Doors? I guess if you get the freezer unit your AC in taken care of. To totally contradict myself, I have always liked Snake Ranch. It is a a shipping container cabin designed to be packed with everything needed to build it and air lifted to some remote location.
  14. The convention here (northeast US) is to align framing and foundation with the sheathing and siding overhanging.