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  1. Here's and article summarizing the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) regulation of the practice of “plan stamping”. The AIA Code of Ethics states: Rule 4.102 Members shall not sign or seal drawings, specifications, reports, or other professional work for which they do not have responsible control. Commentary: Responsible control means the degree of knowledge and supervision ordinarily required by the professional standard of care. With respect to the work of licensed consultants, Members may sign or seal such work if they have reviewed it, coordinated its preparation, or intend to be responsible for its adequacy.
  2. kMoquin

    Shingle Flare Hatch Issue

    Now that's better. Thanks for the help.
  3. A change in elevation in not required in the IRC. (Can't speak for NY codes)
  4. kMoquin

    Shingle Flare Hatch Issue

    This fixed it. Thank you Solver! You are a genius. I did have this problem before X-12, but ignored it then. Also, to retain the curve the CAD curve needed to be converted to a polyline.
  5. kMoquin

    Shingle Flare Hatch Issue

    I have a molding polyline of a shingle flare. The shingle hatch is one I made and have been using for years. It appears fine in standard and vector view on the orthogonal portions. On the curved part of the flare the hatch disappears only in vector elevation views. Hatch pattern shows in vector 3D views. Anyone else experience this before? BTW - I'm also submitting this to support. Shingle Flare Hatch
  6. Architecture schools don't structure their programs around a specific piece of software. In fact, most will start you off learning how to draw by hand. Architecture school is meat to teach you how to design and allow you to learn the technical side of the profession. The tool you choose to draw with is often up to you. I am an Adjunct Professor and teach a third year design studio at an accredited BARCH program. Most of the students in my class use Rhino, some use SketchUp, all take AutoCAD as one of their courses.
  7. kMoquin

    Before I purchase, a question or two...

    I would say you will find an aesthetic you are content with for drawings in Chief, but it may involve some concessions. You can turn your own lettering into a font here:
  8. kMoquin

    Tempered glass behind toilet

    Michael - how did this resolve? (Now that it's popped back in my feed I'm curious.)
  9. kMoquin

    Tempered glass behind toilet

    I don't think it's required either. Assuming you are IRC, R308.4.5 makes no mention of toilets. None of the glazing in your plan is requited to be tempered. (Though if you flip the sink and the window, the window might possibly need safety glazing. Nearly related and FWIW, I found this clarification from ICC enlightening. Glazing and Wet Areas clarification.pdf
  10. kMoquin

    REScheck doesn't work

    I've used it with no problems. (I'm no help for troubleshooting I guess...)
  11. kMoquin

    Polyline Solid - Not in Camera View

    Is it's layer turned on in the camera view? You may want to post the plan. That will keep us from guessing.
  12. kMoquin

    wall types uk

    Take a look here:
  13. kMoquin

    breakup imported 3d warehouse "set"

    ChiefTalk upload limit keeps me from uploading the second zip. Here's a dropbox link that will be available for a few days.
  14. kMoquin

    breakup imported 3d warehouse "set"

    Here that are as separate sketchup files. 1st zip file