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  1. kMoquin

    REScheck doesn't work

    I've used it with no problems. (I'm no help for troubleshooting I guess...)
  2. kMoquin

    Polyline Solid - Not in Camera View

    Is it's layer turned on in the camera view? You may want to post the plan. That will keep us from guessing.
  3. kMoquin

    wall types uk

    Take a look here:
  4. kMoquin

    breakup imported 3d warehouse "set"

    ChiefTalk upload limit keeps me from uploading the second zip. Here's a dropbox link that will be available for a few days.
  5. kMoquin

    breakup imported 3d warehouse "set"

    Here that are as separate sketchup files. 1st zip file
  6. kMoquin

    breakup imported 3d warehouse "set"

    You'll need to break out the pieces you need in SketchUp. Chief imports the entire sketchup model and it is not editable except for materials.
  7. kMoquin

    tricky molding intersection

    Mike, I grabbed the image online. It is really well described in the book "Get Your House Right"
  8. kMoquin

    tricky molding intersection

    The crown on the rake and the crown on the eave must be different profiles for them to miter cleanly (unless your pitch is 12:12, then they can be the same)
  9. kMoquin

    still in dark ages? GTM vs Zoom

    I don't host many remote meetings, but recently I've been using
  10. kMoquin

    Help ! Stray Siding in the living room

    Awesome Thanks Rene ! Those windows will be one of many things we tackle in this renovation / addition. They don't build them like they used to (thank goodness)
  11. I'm modeling an existing house for renovation and I can't for the life of me figure out how to keep this strip of siding siding from appearing on the interior wall. If anyone can offer tips or tricks I would appreciate it. Thanks ! Existing
  12. kMoquin

    different type of question for the forum

    This is 100% a scam. The way the scam works is they pay you in advance with a forged cashiers check. You bank cashes the check. You pay the "surveyor" or other third party who is actually the scammer. Your bank discovers the forgery and deducts the funds from your account. You are out the amount you sent the "surveyor". I had a similar interaction with someone renting an apartment we had. I was supposed to send the balance of an over-payment to the "travel agent". It seemed fishy to me and someone at my bank explained the scam.
  13. kMoquin

    SIPs as Floor Framing?

    I voted for floor structure with the assumption that the beams wont necessarily fit Chief's automatic spacing and you'll likely manually place them. If the beams will work auto framed I'd go with door number 2.
  14. Good videos Eric In the 2nd one- another option would be to use the header settings for the doorway instead of manually drawing the beam.
  15. kMoquin

    Stairs - Risers and Treads

    Maine uses 2015 IRC 7 3/4" max. riser, 10" min. tread