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  1. kMoquin

    Emes Chair DWG

    There is one in the "Design Style No.1 Maximalism / Biophilia" library It's named "Sigmund" instead of Eames
  2. kMoquin

    Date on Layouts

    Use the macro %date.short%
  3. kMoquin

    Gap at Sunken Floor

    Thanks Steve ! (face palm) I wont mention all the time I spent avoiding obvious solutions.
  4. kMoquin

    Gap at Sunken Floor

    OK, I'm stumped here. I've created a lowered floor. I would swear in the past that the room divider automatically provided the finish between floor platforms, but I can't figure out how to make it generate. The checkbox for "Generate between flor platforms" is selected. Any ideas how the automate the finish between floor platforms? Floor Platform
  5. kMoquin

    RESOLVED- Is X12 stable now, without crashing?

    I upgraded immediately and never had an issue with X12 crashing.
  6. kMoquin

    Wack-mole roof plane specification game

    Chopsaw has your most likely answer above in the 2nd reply.
  7. kMoquin

    Flared siding

    Make it with a molding polyline. For this one I needed to make a copy of the shingle material and rotate it 90 degrees. Make sure the molding profile for your flare is a closed polyline.
  8. kMoquin

    Tool Bar Issue

    As Michael said, this is related to the monitor. Try creating and locking the arrangement on the monitor that has either the smallest size or the lowest resolution. Look through plan, elevation, section, and 3D views as part of setting up your arrangement. Any one of those views might have a unique toolbar that pops up only in those views and creates a conflict with the toolbars you've arranged in plan view. Toolbars can be view specific.
  9. Always move the site. I even created a layer set called "Move House Set" that isolates all the layers than need to move with the site.
  10. kMoquin

    Project in Southern New Hampshire

    Hi David - Sent you a PM.
  11. kMoquin

    PDF Markup Programs

    I use DC. For more robust editing I use a vector graphics program called Inkscape. It's drawback is importing one page at a time.
  12. Here's and article summarizing the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) regulation of the practice of “plan stamping”. The AIA Code of Ethics states: Rule 4.102 Members shall not sign or seal drawings, specifications, reports, or other professional work for which they do not have responsible control. Commentary: Responsible control means the degree of knowledge and supervision ordinarily required by the professional standard of care. With respect to the work of licensed consultants, Members may sign or seal such work if they have reviewed it, coordinated its preparation, or intend to be responsible for its adequacy.
  13. kMoquin

    Shingle Flare Hatch Issue

    Now that's better. Thanks for the help.
  14. A change in elevation in not required in the IRC. (Can't speak for NY codes)
  15. kMoquin

    Shingle Flare Hatch Issue

    This fixed it. Thank you Solver! You are a genius. I did have this problem before X-12, but ignored it then. Also, to retain the curve the CAD curve needed to be converted to a polyline.