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  1. If you apply the molding using a Molding Polyline instead of the room dialog box you will have more control over starts and stops. Right click in the room and select 'Make Room Molding Polyline" You can then select segments of the polyline (or create new segments with the break tool) and have them display the molding or not.
  2. Use whatever size sheet allows you to communicate clearly. Many of the builders I work with love it when a project fits on 11x17.
  3. If you enter a value for "Raise Bottom Rail" you can express the post attachment like the image posted by Boxon1
  4. Habitat is not made from shipping containers. (Unless they were making containers from precast concrete in '67.) I cant imagine why anyone would want to live in a shipping container. The proportions are terrible for living spaces. To rectify that you must modify/customize them beyond what any reasonable logic would allow. Insulation? Windows? Doors? I guess if you get the freezer unit your AC in taken care of. To totally contradict myself, I have always liked Snake Ranch. It is a a shipping container cabin designed to be packed with everything needed to build it and air lifted to some remote location.
  5. The convention here (northeast US) is to align framing and foundation with the sheathing and siding overhanging.
  6. I've made a stream in the past with the sidewalk object. Just change the material.
  7. Sometimes you can skip the "Cad Detail from View" step by moving your cross section camera so that it cuts through the object you want tot snap to.
  8. Structure is not necessarily your biggest concern here.
  9. Sounds like someone needs an engineer and possibly a copy of ADAAG
  10. You may need to create custom materials if the ones you want aren't in the library. (ie the T-Stud or Rockwool) Steve has you covered on the strapping. Sometimes I just use "Opening (No Material)" for a rainscreen I simulate Zip-R with the OSB material and the Insulation Foam material.
  11. If this application is to protect I-Joist floor framing then joints are not required to have tape or compound. Have a look at page 3: I Joist Fire Protection.pdf
  12. You can take care of the roof edge within the dialog box for the roof and 2nd floor room. The vertical edge of the wall might be best done with a pslid. Here are the dbx settings to fix the roof:
  13. Kevin Moquin, AIA, LEED AP Maine Licensed Architect 1 Union Street #203 Portland, ME 04101 (207)615-6421
  14. In your materials library you should find "Opening (no material)"
  15. There is one in the "Design Style No.1 Maximalism / Biophilia" library It's named "Sigmund" instead of Eames