How do you turn a cad drawing into a curved ceiling beam


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13 hours ago, joey_martin said:

Not for everyone. I, for one, can make that beam in about 2 minutes in CA, 2 days in Sketchup...if I'm lucky..

I’m with Joey...2 min to make in Chief.  

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2 hours ago, Greg_NY61 said:

With P-solids, yes you can slap that together but little more than 2 min.;) 

But if you do it like in the picture making all the reveals as it would be built in the field it's much faster and easier to do that in Sketchup...Just saying. 

Not for me either, but that's because I don't know how to use sketchup very well at all. I'd need another minute to Joey's original 2 minutes to add the reveals and any joints / connections. 

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