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  1. Hi Why do my ceiling joist direction keep showing 3x8 instead of 2x8 Thank You Mary Ruth Smith - Rev 1.zip
  2. Hi Is there a way to apply a waste factor to the material list qty field ?
  3. Where do you find the setting for this in X-15 Thank you
  4. Why are my dormers not coming out correctly Thank you HEATH AND KARA.zip
  5. Hi See if this works MARY RUTH SMITH.zip
  6. Hi I have the foundation to have a -4 offset, the back porch is working but the front porch is not. What is wrong ? Thank you I am using X15 MARY RUTH SMITH.zip
  7. Thank You Steve That fixed the problem
  8. I have a house plan that needs a vaulted ceiling in the great room that extends out past the roof line so we can have a plant shelf and a window in the gable wall How do you do this in CA ? 2022-10-21 - Mary Ruth Smith.zip
  9. When drawinh lines, how can you set the angle using roof pitch 6 in 12 ?
  10. Hi Why do my seconf floor walls not build to the 8' height instead of stopping at the roof ? Thank You
  11. Why is the program not building an attic truss Dempsey Garage.plan
  12. Hi Why wont the program let me create an attic trussDempsey Garage.planDempsey Garage.plan Dempsey Garage.zip
  13. Hi Is there a way to have it figure the fascia boards no longer than 16' Than you
  14. HI Can someone please tell me why the total heated sqft is not showing up Thank You John Reddell Rev 1.zip
  15. Hi Why are none of my wall fill colors showing ? Than you 370210305_JayandShellleyJefsen-Rev1.plan
  16. Hi What am I doing wrong Trusses in the back hakf upstairs are not the correct shape or elevationJay and Shellley Jefsen.plan Jay and Shellley Jefsen.plan