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This happened to me once before but i simply closed down the program and it worked again when I opened it up. 

This time... no such luck.

Something has happened that when I attempt to edit an object - specifically a CAD object - it re-sizes it wrong. Before I could do a box, click a side and move it and only that side of the box would move to re-size. Now, it is re-sizing about the center of the object. I realize in "Behaviours" under Preferences there is a "Resize/Rotate About" Option. Even clicking on "Current point" does not fix this. I have done nothing - knowingly anyways - to have this happen. Even worse is when i do a leader line and attempt to move just the arrow head point to change what it points to. it messes up the entire arrow. Here are some crude shots to help better explain


You will see in the picture with the box, i am trying to re-size only the right side and the left side mirrors my action. in the picture with the arrow. i have help CTRL down and clicked the arrow head so that length of the arrow should be able to move freely, but you can see what it attempts to do. the length of the leader line that the arrow head is on will not move from its current angle. 



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Professor Chaos,


I would suggest that you make your PC hardware and Chief Build data part of your signature here, in that most of the answers you will recieve will be germane to X6 rather than earlier versions such as you have. It will help to clarify the context of answers you will receive.



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I am not an IT guy. So if this is an issue with the hardware of the actual Computer then I am absolutely lost. It is behaving as though Concentric Behaviors is on, but everything is set to Default. If I make a CAD box even and break it along one side and drag from the new point, it still re-sizes the box perfectly symmetrically, essentially ignoring the new point together.


I realize the struggles I am having are very odd and the fact that my office forces me to run on X3 doesn't make it any easier for those of you to help me out since we are 3 versions behind the current. 


Like I said, this is something beyond my trouble shooting ability and I have no idea what to make of it :S

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When you are having your problem, is the tool (icon) I have circled in my image below "highlighted" indicating that the concentric behavior is active?




The icon I am showing with the red box around it is the tool that should be active when you are in "normal" drawing mode (i.e., default mode).


It sure sounds like a concentric drawing condition is what your problem is.  If not, you should save your plan, close your plan, navigate to your plan and right click it and then click on "SendTo" and then "Compressed (zipped) Folder".  That will save a compressed copy of your plan in the same folder or location you have your plan stored in.  Back in ChiefTalk, "Browse" to your compressed (zipped) plan and attach it.  Someone here can take a look at your plan and/or settings and see if we can determine what your issue is.  If the size of your plan isn't very large, you can bypass creating a compressed copy of it and just attach a copy of your original plan file.

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