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I don't want to say anything voodoo here because I don't want to be excluded from the eventual beta, but I gotta say.....there hasn't been an X10 update since June. Last year they released the last update in September. So that's an extra 3 months of development and programming time they are hopefully spending on X11. Maybe we can expect a colossal version release with lots of new BIM functionality, data tags, and some real 2d drafting tools?


An updated interface might not be a bad idea since it's a little dated 90's looking. Everyone else has switched to contextual ribbon interfaces (Archicad, Revit, Intellicad) Vectorworks is still stuck in the 90's too. I'm personally not a fan of parent drop downs.


Unfortunately I won't be able to make it over to Vegas for the National Builders Show to eyeball it with the head honchos.


So what ya all think? Is Santa going to take a seriously look at the Wish List and grant us some miracles?

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Well I did put Elf on the Shelf out for my kids to find tomorrow morning.


I also believe in rogue waves, the JFK conspiracy, Area 51, white cows make white milk and brown cows make chocolate milk, GOD owns a golden retriever, and a few others that keep me sane.

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2 hours ago, ShaneK said:

Chief is the best at what we do or we would be using something else.

And that's why I am still here. Chief is rock solid stable for me. Rarely crashes, even on a 115 room hotel job. And it's basic rendering ability is top notch. I've looked at Archicad and VW. Switching to those would be, in my opinion, a step backwards when it talking soley about the design process....for houses anyway. But they need to work on the con doc tools.


We as users need to always push for better tools. 

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5 hours ago, Michael_Gia said:

At this point, do we even know for sure that it will be callled X11?


Agreed. I've noticed a move to yearly title releases for lots of programs, with Archicad and Chief so far sticking to numbers. Maybe they'll change to a different roman numeral. XXI. I hate the Superbowl numbers.

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12 hours ago, dshall said:

Hey Chief,  please change the super bowl numbers....

LOL! Shouldn't this be in the Suggestions section. ;)


I'm thinking it would be appropriate to update the

numbering system to binary. That would mean that

we are coming up to SUPER BOWL 110101. :)



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