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  1. I can't wait until we have "cut fill" control of walls and floors instead of the auto detail tool. The auto detail tool will create patterned cad boxes but won't update to follow changes in the plan. Hopefully in X16?
  2. You can also just take a screenshot when the pdf is nice and big so that the resulting screenshot will have a pretty resolution without the pdf bulk.
  3. Here ya go… https://www.hdri-hub.com/hdrishop/freesamples/freehdri
  4. Edit area - all floors, tool along with transform/replicate tool
  5. I’m no engineer but have done similar before. Trusses like the one in my crappy marked up drawing are doubled up on either side of the lookout shaft/steeple. Between those doubled up trusses are lvl’s to close the box.
  6. I do these a lot. Create a mirror version of the plan: 1) turn on all layers except cameras and use the "Edit" > Edit Area > Edit Area All Floors and marquee select everything. 2) transform/replicate > reflect horizontally Save as Mirrored Version. 3) Delete everything on the right side after that dividing wall. 4) Edit Area All Floors, select all and move the block to the right by the appropriate amount. 5) Edit Area All Floors, select all and copy (ctrl C) Open original plan and delete everything to the left of that dividing wall. 6) Paste Hold Position. 7) Profit
  7. More powerful if you’re using default sets via Saved Plan Views.
  8. I think what OP needs to do, which Solver alluded to in his wonderful cryptic fashion, is to build the new wall to create the pantry, but then making an opening in the wall under the stair using a pass-through. He just has to shape the pass-through in the triangular shape to fully open access under the stairs. However, this is all guesswork.
  9. Check the floor elevations in all the rooms in the floor above. If there is even one room with a floor that has been lowered by accident then this will create the chaos you’re experiencing. (I’m guessing since you haven’t attached a plan or image of the problem ).
  10. It's because you're from Michigan...
  11. By the way I called ssa tech support asking about controlling the rebar qty in foundation walls. The dude said he had no idea and that I really should just post a question on this forum to find out. I found that amusing. I know that I can change rebar in the default settings menu under foundation but the component variables produce unpredictable results. The rebar count in the footing makes sense but the rebar quantity in the walls baffle me.
  12. So far all I have seen is an "accidental" reveal of dimensions in a 3D view, from a recent Chief training video. Pretty anemic for this time of year, seeing how X15 was released officially end of March 2023. Are there any other sneak peeks other than this out there?
  13. Up to 2gig free with online wetransfer https://wetransfer.com
  14. When I turn off size and description columns, I get... I thought I would get a total under the "Count" column. I guess that's not possible? Do you all just export to excel? I'm trying to really simplify and streamline material lists so I can delegate it to someone who isn't really Chief proficient. Here is the test plan file I was messing with... Material list test for quantity totals.zip
  15. In order to get a total count of drywall, for example, I assign $1.00 to the price column so that I get a "total cost" which in my case is actually the total square footage. Is this still a necessary work-around or is there a new feature in X15 I'm unaware about? here's an example.. (I don't really want to get into any complex macro system to achieve this)
  16. I understand the ocd level desire to do everything in 3d, as if anyone is actually looking that closely at a 3d image, but what you’re attempting is better served by a detail image with a callout. If you must, then you can create a symbol for that custom cabinet with a hole for wiring. Look up how to make a symbol in Chief’s videos, first then search this forum there’s lots of how to's on that. Of course it’s always possible that I’m unaware of a way to do this in Chief with the out of the box tools.
  17. Don’t feel bad. Soffits are a bTich. A lot of guys end up using slabs and solids to mend missing soffits. I’m sure some of the experts on here have figured it out, I’m hoping? It’s an issue, though. Hopefully someone could correct me.
  18. Kitchen cabinet software that a lot of cabinet makers use for some reason.
  19. Firstly, really nice work. Did you spend a lot of time with lighting and materials to get these shots? Secondly, I’m not as hopeful as you are with Mac ever getting realtime RT, but I appreciate the encouragement.
  20. On a Mac PBR does not have the raytracing option. As a result PBR on Mac is not an option most of the time. I find it looks worse than standard render. On a PC, I agree with you. PBR with raytrace is more realistic out of the box, even. This is what I was trying to figure out. I'm actually trying to determine if it is worth it to get a second machine (a PC) just for PBR with raytrace. I probably won't use it often, but it is another tool in the toolbox. Still on the fence, though.
  21. I’m not looking for more definition, I was just pointing out one of the benefits of plain old standard render. I really wanted to see how rtrt looks with no effort or tinkering. The rtrt images you guys posted show that one doesn’t need to do much in order to get a more realistic scene compared to standard render. I’m still unconvinced I’d use rtrt on a day to day basis.
  22. RTRT is more realistic and I like the lighting and shadows. However, as far as showing a client what their kitchen will look like, I kind of prefer the definition of the doors in the Standard render view. The outline of the doors and panels are more pronounced. Not realistic but easier to see. I was going to buy a pc just for rtrt but maybe I’ll wait until Apple catches up. Rendering is an art and I’m no artist. I was also trying out a whole bunch of Ai programs over the weekend, but other than using those in the earlier stages of conceptualizing I don’t see a use for them either at the moment. They’re all to destructive to the architecture and building materials. I really would love to see Chief incorporate some limited Ai in a future version, but only to enhance lighting, shadows, materials and accessories like furniture, vegetation, vehicles and people.
  23. Without any responses I’m going to assume some of you tried this and the results were not so great? Meaning there’s still a lot of tinkering to do with rtrt and that It’s not magic? or it’s Sunday and you all have a life? Or this has been done before so many times and you’re all tired of these posts?
  24. I would not follow that advice. Export to AutoCAD from the plan view, 1 floor at a time. Let Chief do the exporting from the plan. Don’t export from a cad detail view. A cad detail from view will create all kinds of crazy unwanted artifacts from fills, etc. Plus the resulting cad file won’t have the layers that the AutoCAD user would normally have in order to adjust line weights and other stuff on his end. your exported “cad detail from view” will be a garbled mess of lines and fills.