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  1. I have sent in this problem multiple times in the past and it was treated as if it never happens to anyone else. No solution and no acknowledgement of a problem even though you are all aware of it. To my knowledge I don’t think any other software on the planet has a problem with their toolbars. It’s bizarre. Chief doesn’t need any new features. I’d gladly give up new features for the next 3 years of SSA if you all promised to fix the problems the program already has.
  2. Disingenuous replies above. There is a major problem with Chief toolbars when more than one monitor is involved. It has been a while that there has not been a fix for this. If like to see Chief at least own up to it.
  3. For question #2. You’ll only get terrain thickness when the camera is outside the terrain boundary in plan view. Q3. You often have to reload 3D views on the layout. Otherwise the printout is minuscule for some reason. Just update the view before printing when this happens.
  4. How about, “Tips and Tricks, NOT General Q&A!!!” …but seriously, the only way this can work is how it’s done on most other sites, and that is, there has to be a moderator for each sub to control this sort of stuff. It’s the moderator’s job, whether they are a paid human, a volunteer or a bot, to reprimand, advise or redirect crappy posts on the various subs in this forum. As it is, this forum is a little like the Wild West, where there are a handful of vigilantes trying their best to monitor and moderate. It’s quite sad actually.
  5. From a 3D view in Chief, select export as 3DS or DAE Collada model from the File menu. Inside TM select import from the file menu. important! When your file explorer opens up make sure to change the file type at the bottom because it will probably be set to a file type that isn’t 3DS or DAE. Change the type to, “all files” and you will then be able to select your exported model, whether it was 3DS or DAE or any of the other accepted types. If you still don’t see your model, it’s because it isn’t in view. On the right side of the screen, expand the file structure box and highlight your model, then press the “f” key.
  6. only standard view works for me and sometimes vector view. anything else and I get the same errors.
  7. Wow, those are some great tips. Really appreciate it. Thanks, I’ll get back to working on it.
  8. Thanks Mick that's what I was looking for from what I see in your two images. The street is more or less at the bottom of the 3rd step where you have your arrow in the front (facade basement window sills). The Garages in the back are roughly 32" below the street and I see you have a nice sloping driveway in between the buildings. As for the stairs in the back, I need to bring the grass up to street level, maybe with a retaining wall? Now the only problem is how? Elevation regions around buildings with streets that are curving away are tricky as far as I could tell. I get lots of funny peaks and breaks.
  9. You just brought the entire terrain down to the level of the garages. The garages are supposed to be below street level, with a driveway that slopes down from the street. Making the terrain drop like that sharply around buildings is not easy at all. Originally I did as you did and started with a flat terrain at the elevation of the garages. Then I created wedge shaped p-solids for the driveways and all surrounding areas were p-solids with a thickness equal to the height of the street. Even the streets were p-solids. I found them easier to shape than roads. I used 3d moulding polylines for the curbs and sidewalks which was surprisingly easy to do. I guess I’ll never understand terrains in Chief the way they were intended. Is my workaround ridiculous? Or do you think it’s a viable option to Chief’s terrain tools?
  10. I was trying to get around having to shape the terrain and opted to just lower my driveway instead. Obviously doesn't work. It's just to difficult to get the terrain to slope down for driveways going below grade. I've also tried lowering the terrain to the level of the underground parking and then "building up" the surrounding terrain by creating p-solids for all the areas around that are not driveways. I'm desperate, lol
  11. How about arranging an online meeting with the 5 guys on this forum who could discuss their ideas on how to improve the software or the problems they are experiencing? The group of 5 would be easy to select. We all know who they could be. That seems more efficient than somebody going through an endless list of suggestions, doesn't it?
  12. Ok, so I'm making a site plan with a few buildings as symbols with roads and driveways in order to have a birdseye view of an entire housing project. This driveway seems to turn up or develop wings along its length. Even where it meets an intersecting driveway. Anyone know what this is?
  13. I searched the forum but there doesn't seem to be a solution. Using X12 still but I don't think I use to get these a few versions ago. X13 didn't help.
  14. If we were using metric then there would be no memorizing as zoning setbacks from the city would already be in metres, and usually to 2 decimal places. Metres for surveys as you mentioned, 1.2m for your 4 foot lateral setback. Millimetres for the rest of your plans, example 1584mm for 5'-2 3/8", it makes arithmetic a lot easier and more accurate. Isn't that cleaner looking to you? Can you not appreciate the accuracy as well without the need for fractions or even decimal places for all of your plans?...
  15. Ok, I'm going to say it....this is yet another reason to change to metric. Throw that on to the pile of 15 million other reasons. In metric you only have whole numbers in millimetres to deal with. For larger scales you have metres so there is a two or three decimal format of the measurement. No fractions at all. No confusion. More precision. Ok, I'll crawl back into my maple tree.
  16. Stopped using. Some useful new features. I'll wait for the official release and maybe only after the first update after that. I might be shallow but I was kind of hoping for a new coat of paint on the tired old UI. Chief is looking a little dated at this point.
  17. Ah, It’s nice when it works. Kind of a hit or miss on a Mac, for the moment. I often get a black screen.
  18. What is grey mode? I have the beta downloaded. Didn’t notice a grey mode. Or do you mean Standard view with grey line over top? looks great, by the way.
  19. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00777/working-with-light-sources.html for the illiterate.... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/2430/light-sets.html
  20. I don’t see anything for polyline labels. Are we able to control labels independently now for polylines? Or is it still one style for all…
  21. If these are the new features but there are no fixes for existing problems then I'm not impressed. Actually, I would prefer no new features and instead, fixes for the list of existing problems. We'll see once it is released.
  22. I had signed up but missed the video. In the past there would be a link to the video after the event, but now that link just redirects to paid training webinars page.
  23. I think Brittanyb22 is having a much better weekend than the rest of us nerds...