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Ok Now I get it, and that is a unique situation unless you are using small paper.  If there is no possibility of rotating the schedule to get more room you could send it to layout twice and then crop opposite sides with the layout boxes.  Not sure that chief has a built in check box for that exact situation.

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Put your schedule in a CAD Detail, Send to Layout, adjust the Layout Box to fit as much of the Schedule as you can on the first page, then Copy/Paste the Layout Box onto a second page and adjust the second Layout Box to display the remaining part of the Schedule.

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Had a little more time to think about it and likely the best solution if none of the previous tips are satisfactory is to generate the schedule twice and have some or half of the columns in the first version and the balance in the second version then you won't have to chop the title in half.

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1 hour ago, ACADuser said:

I thought there were potential issues when you have two copies of the same schedule?


Yes you would have to turn off the callouts for one of the schedules to avoid duplicates.   Any others you can think of ?

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I'd tried this once when I wanted a second schedule without callouts and fewer columns to use for copy-paste to a spreadsheet. Problem I ran into was rows that were rearranged didn't match the second schedule. I'd guess it works if the rows are left alone. 

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Hey guys, thanks for all of the comments and suggestions.  I am at the Fall Home Show this weekend manning a booth (oh my aching feet and back).  So I am having a hard time participating in the discussion.  Hopefully, I will be able to try some of the suggestions out later. 


If any of you are in the Toronto area, I am at booth 306 in the Toronto Exhibition Enercare Center 2018 Toronto Fall Home Show | Sept 28 - 30, Enercare Centre‎ so please drop by.  Would be very pleased to see you!


I really hate trade shows. but one must shake the trees occasionally to get fruit to drop.  


Lately, I have been really busy doing garage replacement drawings.  Strange how things come in groups.  


More later when I regain my sanity.

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