Error: This Standard Polyline Overlaps Or Crosses Itself


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I thought I had posted this earlier, but couldn't find it, so please forgive if this is a duplicate.


I'm getting this error message: Warning #272032148

"This Standard Polyline overlaps or crosses itself.  It may not look correct in 3D. Filled objects may also draw incorrectly in 2D."
Any suggestions how to find the polyline that is causing the problem? It occurs even when all layers are turned off.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Using CA X5.
Steven Yaple
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If you don't fix it when it first happens, then it can be hard to find later. You should have gotton an error when this first happened. It could be a road or sidewalk polyline, polyline solid, manual slab. It will be something that is 3D. I believe you can also get this if you edit a wall incorrectly in an elevation. Good luck. This normally happens when you're editing something.

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Isn't it obvious Lew?  They won't tell you where it is because they enjoy driving you nuts.  :)


Actually, in some cases they will tell you exactly where it is by drawing a circle around the problem poly.  Unfortunately, if the poly is not visible on the screen, then you probably won't see the circle around it either.


Rather then just turn layers off and on to find it, save a copy of the plan and start deleting things until you find it.



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Often the overlap is very tiny and you really have to zoom in on it to see it.  It happens often when you are trying to get one polyline intersection to snap to another (to make that segment go away) and it just doesn't snap properly.  So, try zooming in on each intersection of the polyline, or drag each one of these away and see if you discover a previously unseen intersection hiding there.


I agree that it is best to find it when you first see the message and not wait till you've ignored it 5 times.

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maybe Chief could be programmed to allow for tab key to hop from

red circle to red circle ???


or Chif could turn on "edit object parts" and then delete the offending line ???


or ???


Chief knows - share the info .....



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I've always wanted a problem dialog that lists all the issues like this where a dialog message is annoying and possibly popping at a bad time. What I would like is that all these annoying messages go away, but you get something like an alert icon next to your cursor and then a modeless dialog with the list of problems can be brought up. By clicking on a problem you would then be taken to the location of the problem with the offending area circled and possibly the offending item highlighted.


If it was an issue that you don't want to ever deal with you would then have a check box to say ignore this issue.


In theory it would be somewhat of an extension of the plan check feature that we have now, but better.

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Yes Please Doug......Tomorrow please :)


having a circle is fine ...IF you are on the right level and not zoomed in and ....and .....  you get the picture ok on the DBX

 and you have no way to trace it again...




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  • Solution

Thanks for all of the replies. I was finally able to find it. I did as suggested and saved a copy of the plan file and started deleting things until the error disappeared. For the benefit of those who may also encounter this I will share what I found.


The felonious polyline was just a regular rectangular polyline. It had a corner jutting out a little bit that needed zooming in to see it. But, it was in a cad detail window and the error would pop up in any part of the program, showing up immediately when opening the plan file, or when bringing up a view. Eventually the program would halt with major system failure.  It did look like the aforementioned circle would pop up very quickly before the error message, then disappear.


I had spent two days with a client working on this drawing, which was a very detailed and complex plot plan with survey data and a lot of grading stuff - this was about the third iteration of trying to figure out where to place the house, the "causeway", and the garage,. Basically it was him standing over my shoulder telling me what to draw where. As it happens I'm one of those who spent two years learning AutoCAD and am still struggling to get a grip on CA CAD, so it was less than a joyous occasion. When the error first popped up it wasn't an ideal situation to suddenly stop and go into troubleshooting mode.


Now I try to finish up this project while interviewing for jobs in a totally different line of work.


Thanks again.



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