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  1. This may depend on what kind of mouse you have. Stickiness is often caused by dirty mouse balls. You should clean them regularly.
  2. The have already started beta testing X7. You might want to sign up for the beta to see if the problem is really fixed. Also, you could try converting the DWG file to another format or even just an older format to see if that works. Generally, I don't use DWG for symbols because it only holds geometry without any materials. 3DS or SKP usually works better.
  3. Much more fun to post on here and play "guess what my problem is".
  4. Look at the screen coordinates on the right side of your status bar. You're a few miles away from the origin. Try using F6 or fill screen.
  5. "Thanks but the plan has changed & the cabinet has already been deleted and cook top is still hanging in mid air.& will not select" OK, here is what you did. You originally placed the cooktop in one cabinet and then you dragged it over another one. When you do this, the original cabinet still owns the cooktop. This means that even when you delete the cabinet under the cooktop, the cooktop is still there. You need to find the cabinet that still owns the cooktop, click on it, then hit tab to get to the cooktop, and then you will be able to delete it.
  6. Annotation sets, layer sets, wall definitions, and pretty much all of the other default settings are already in the plan file so there is no reason to import them. What you will need to deal with is if he used any custom graphics (images, pictures, materials, or pdfs). If he used any custom graphics (any that were not in the Chief core libraries), then he needs to send those to you along with the plan files. The easiest way to do this is to use the backup entire plan tool, zip up the whole folder, and send that to you.
  7. You can turn off the automatic hole as shown above. Sometimes this will result in seeing the terrain in places you don't want to see it, like in a basement or any other living area that is below the terrain level. For these cases, you can manually create your own hole in terrain to cut out the terrain under the building where you need it. The easiest way to do this is to select the "exterior room" and use the make room polyline tool. Then convert it into a terrain hole.
  8. "How would you describe CA's overall responsiveness to user's requests?" Depends on who you ask. Some people might say no because specific things they asked for haven't been done. I think they try to be responsive but they have a pretty big backlog of requests. "Are the updates significant improvements?" Check out the "what's new in X6" list for some of the details.
  9. It's not clear what you are asking for but I'm pretty sure you can do it (and probably without having to resort to using custom muntins). For a craftsman style window, you can adjust the spacing of the horizontal bar by adjusting the number of vertical lites. With 2 lites, it will be centered. With 3 lites, it will be 1/3 from the top. With 4 lites, it will be 1/4 from the top. Etc.
  10. In preferences, under reset options.
  11. I have a guess. I even am willing to bet some money on it too. I bet that you accidently checked the "remember my choice" box on the "do you really want to delete this camera?" dialog. Then you clicked "no". Now every time you try to delete a camera, the program is remembering that you said "no". You can probably fix this by resetting your messages. It seems like this dialog should not have a "remember my choice" box.
  12. Open the deck room. Go to the structure panel. Check out the floor finish and floor structure. You probably need to 0 out the floor finish.
  13. I like that the distributed paths/regions can (somewhat) randomize the angles and positions. It would be even better if you randomize the sizes too. I'm thinking something like putting in a min and max height and let the program set them for you. This would have made what you were doing way easier. You should make a suggestion for this.
  14. Under general preferences, check "open dialogs to last panel visited".
  15. I think Jim already nailed it. Gable walls are usually attic walls. If you edit them manually, they won't update. Either set the height back to default in the wall dialog or just delete it and let the program rebuild a new one.