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  1. Have you tried Auto Exterior dimensions? As Joe said.
  2. Jere, The Dormer needs to fit within the roof plane or it won't place. Go to the Default Settings> Dormer and lower the wall height to 48" and it will place.
  3. Doesn't work for me. Sent in half a dozen suggestions when it first came out. None have been implimentated. This program was last updated in January 2016. It's not getting a lot of attention from CA.
  4. Check Defaults>Floor> Ceiling Height. I bet it is set to 8'.
  5. Read it somewhere. Can't find it now.
  6. Larry, You need to be in a "Perspective Overview" camera in order to export.
  7. See this:............... https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/index.php?/topic/9642-new-chief-architect-3d-viewer-for-mobile-devices/?hl=viewer
  8. Yes, Go to Defaults>Floor.
  9. Looks like it is over complicated for the average Homeowner. Would be nice for presentations to the Homeowner. Won't need a laptop.
  10. Click on the window then open "Components" and enter there.
  11. Go to Default > Floor as Michael said.....................
  12. I also see this as a problem. Liked the old way. I think the change has to do with the 3D mouse.
  13. Scott I think we are all correct in what we are doing. Michael has the correct answer.
  14. OK,. Here they are one on top of the other. My railing is white on layer "Wall, Railings, Jon. It has "No wall Definition" checked. The original railing is on layer "Wall, Railings. Opt A" and has "No Wall Definition" unchecked. You can turn the layers on and off to show the railing of choice. Jon BBB RAILING OPTIONS 3 TOTAL.plan
  15. Scott, My railing is white on top of your front railing. Tab to select. Jon BBB RAILING OPTIONS 3 TOTAL.plan
  16. Not if you put them on different layers before putting them on top of each other.
  17. They don't automatically stack. But, you can drag one over the other using the CTRL key.
  18. Try creating the new railings with "No Room Definition" each on their own layer. May need to draw them off to the side and then drag over original railing. Make sure the original railing doesn't have "No Room Definition" checked. You should now be able to turn the different layers on or off to show the different railings. Scott beat me to it. Seems to be working for me. Had to manually put in the railing doorway.