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  1. Was it working okay until you did the Sierra upgrade? I had all sorts of crashes after running it and had to revert back.
  2. Last time I had crashes I couldn't zero down, Tech sent me to these articles, and creating a new user account is listed as something to try. Windows - Mac - I also have an automated backup of any changes made to my Documents directory which the Data folder is in, and I believe that's where the user catalog is. I've never needed to use it for Chief though.
  3. If the file locations haven't changed significantly between versions, this article should help.
  5. KB-00562 - Guide to File Management for Chief Architect Files Video 5411 - Saving and Storing Plan Files KB-03003 - Using the Project Browser
  6. Anyone with X8 could open one of your old v8 files, set the Plan Default flag and return it to you so that you could look at it and see how editing works in Home Designer 2017 programs. You just can't save with the trial.
  7. Thanks all for your suggestions! Graham's door symbol is going to work out just great for what I need this time around.
  8. The only solution I've found is to Save As PDF from Chief, then print the PDF file.
  9. How are ya'll modeling glazed cabinets? Special materials? Customized cabinet doors? What's the best way to go about this?
  10. (Click on any of the X8 versions and you can click on the link to Read the Update Notes.)
  11. I can only find the ones on Rendering & Ray Tracing (did there used to be more?)
  13. I think you missed the point that this guy wants to pay money renew his SSA so that he can get access to the Beta, but their website isn't letting him.