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  1. Scott, Your e-mail address needs a period in it.
  2. The left framed wall of garage doesn't line up with the foundation wall. Off by 1/8"
  3. Thanks Mark, I have seen that information. I don't think it's very clear for someone that's not familiar with CAD programs. More like a description of the program rather than instructions on how to use it. Look's like I will have to write the instructions.
  4. Anyone know where I can find instructions on the operation of the 3D Viewer? Looking for something I can send to customers along with a link to view the 3D model.
  5. Newell, You have a wall alignment problem where the existing exterior wall meets the new exterior wall. Fix that and the problem goes away. Between the interior wall and the existing window, there is a small piece of wall that shouldn't be there.
  6. As Michael said. Select a Roof plan and you should see the Up / Down icons. Roofs up dn.bmp
  7. I don't need to break down the living area. Other than 1st Floor living area, 2nd Floor living area, etc.
  8. Joe, Thanks for confirming. This goes back to the question I asked you in the GTM yesterday. Why not use room Type for the Area Analysis? I don't need site analysis, I need Living Area plus things like Deck, garage, porch, attic and basement to come up with a total building sq ft for the builder.
  9. Perry, See the image below........ The living area was created automatically by Chief. Living Area.bmp
  10. Perry, I double checked and the Garage Room Type is Garage. Have you tried it?
  11. Using X9, I had Chief make a Living Area Poly and found that Chief didn't split the wall between Living Area and the Garage. Is this new in X9?
  12. How did you come up with that spelling?
  13. Scott, Sign me up............
  14. Scott, I would like to be part of the GTM for area calc's.
  15. I tried the rendering 360 using Samsung Gear VR headset and was not happy with the quality. However, showing the 360 panorama on my cell phone and tablet worked very well.
  16. Barry, I use PowerDesk 9 Professional and this is a detail from autocaddetails.net.
  17. Jon, Go to account settings and on the left side select signature.
  18. Same problem here. This problem has been discussed for many years.
  19. Scott, I think this is what you are looking for:
  20. David, I have a HP DesignJet T520 that works great for light duty. Brand new it's in your price range. Comes with the floor stand. Look into HP Designjet large format printers.