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  1. It is not that I have trouble necessarily moving and positioning the individually drawn units. One work around I found at least for practicing moving each unit into the perimeter I've drawn is to use the "CAD detail from view" which opens a tab where I can then select a unit's walls, etc. and then make a CAD block, then I can "select an insertion point" which allows me to precisely move that unit,etc. and I can continue to move these 4 blocks of apt. units around to see how close they fit within the perimeter drawing I made around the exterior of the house. However......if I then say "OK, I'v
  2. I may be making things to difficult on myself but I need some help! I have an early 1900's 4-plex (2 story, pier & beam) that I own and I am trying to do an as built drawing. The poor old house has had an addition in just about every decade and as you can imagine not all of them were done by skilled craftsmen. Initially i measured and drew the perimeter of the house (where I discovered that it was about 4-6" out of square) but with so many jogs in & out and out of square I decided to measure each unit individually when I did the interior walls. I used CA's RoomPlanner & Bosch Bluet
  3. Old habits die hard...the program i used to use you had to click each corner then the 3rd click set the distance away from what you were measuring. I keep finding that the longer i stick with CA the more i find great features; they're just not always easily/quickly found....and then sometimes i'm just so anxious to get stuff done i overlook some obvious stuff! That's why the CA family is such a God-send!
  4. BrownTiger OHHHH!!!!! I see what you mean! I had everything set correctly already I was being to anal in trying to click on the the corner of the wall rather than out away from it! That saves me several clicks per dimension. Normally I would use Auto-Exterior dimensions but I had several other buildings within the same drawing and I didn't want all of those to be covered in dimension lines.... Thanks to all of you for being willing to answer my question!
  5. Perhaps this question has been answered but after an hour of searching the forums I can't seem to find the answer. When I go to manually place dimensions around the exterior of a house I snap to each corner of a section of wall and I get a dimension placed right in the center of the wall.I then have to click the space bar, select the measurement and drag it away from the wall so that it has the appropriate spacing away from the wall. I have tried every default setting I can find that will allow me to draw MANUAL dimensions that automatically stay say 8"-12" away from the wall with the appropri
  6. I am drawing a multi-family apartment with 8 apartments and I am wanting to group select the fill layer where I have hatched each apartment differently so the HVAC contractor knows which rooms go with each apartment. Because each apartment has several different rooms of course I have to go to each room to adjust the transparency of the hatching in that room. In a previous CAD program I used there was a tool to "select by" with numerous options to select by objects, layers fixtures, etc. so if you wanted to select all hatch lines at once (regardless if they were all the same hatch pattern or no