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  1. scottharris

    short walls and drywall

    These half walls should have a cap on them without needing to make additional changes. You might open your plan in X12 and see if the problem is resolved in the newer version; although it should also be fine in X11. Consider posting your plan.
  2. scottharris

    Bachelor View Project

    The Bachelor View Project was developed as a sample plan for Chief Architect version X12
  3. scottharris

    Stone Creek Renovation

  4. Gene, we recognized the need to move items between schedules, such as doors and windows. In our upcoming version, you can include items across categories. Have a door that you want to place in the window schedule? You can easily do that. Watch for the new version around the Builder’s show in Jan.
  5. scottharris

    Luis Ramos

    Wow, what a great job on the designs and renderings!!
  6. scottharris

    advise on fixing a dormer issue

    Can you post the plan file?
  7. scottharris

    Vertical Drawer Pull (Right & Left Align)

    You cannot do it automatically. Probably the fastest way is to 1) remove the drawer hardware and 2) manually place the hardware for the drawer (in plan view and then position in elevation)
  8. scottharris

    Add Gable Section to High Shed Roof

    The 'gable line' tool might work quickly using the automatic roof tools. See the attached plan. ROOF GABLE LINE.plan
  9. The rendering is technical illustration. Our marketing group is tracking down the plan and will try and post it (provided we have permission from the designer). It’s a design from Michael Rust, you can see more on this link.
  10. scottharris

    Pony Wall Visibility

    Here's the video link
  11. scottharris

    i cant select any buttons on materials change?

    Give our Tech Support a call and see if they can help.
  12. scottharris

    Pony Wall Visibility

    This is a good question. There’s not a way to do this based on layers. Here’s one way you could do it (it may not be ideal when you need to update the plan) Set your pony wall to display the upper wall – send to layout as an image; then, change the pony wall to display the lower wall – send to layout. EDIT: There's a better way - see the video link below.
  13. scottharris

    Living Area Now Showing Level 0

    Interesting issue – it should be solved in the attached plan. Because you used two walls for your exterior furred wall there are several little wall segments (visible & invisible). Perhaps you could build one wall type for the exterior block and the interior fur to make it easier? To ‘fix’ it quickly: I copied your plan, deleted the basement level, rebuilt it as an empty floor and did a copy/paste hold position from your original plan (with all layers on) Concrete Furred Stem Wall.calibz
  14. scottharris

    i cant select any buttons on materials change?

    You might check your video driver and update if possible. It sounds like an issue we have seen with older drivers (even when the computer is new)
  15. scottharris

    PBR: what it uses if you have sun angles

    For the interior renders with PBR, use a sun angle if the sun accuracy matters for your scene. In the sun setting for that angle (or the generic sun), try turning the intensity down, say 25K. And, set the color of the sun – white? Also in the PBR settings try adjusting the camera exposure (.3) and the brightness (50) – settings that you think look best.