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  1. The ‘lower wall type if split by butting roof’ tool you mention is available in Home Designer Pro and Chief Architect Premier/Interiors. For your work around, you might try a section view, use the backsplash tool, reshape, and paint it.
  2. Some background and information you may already know. The Mac M1 is an integrated processor that contains the CPU & GPU. Intel has similar integrated processors like the IRIS. Typically, the integrated processors will not have the graphics performance of the machines that have both a dedicated CPU and GPU. Real-Time GPU raytracing is not supported on them (CPU raytracing is supported). In addition, Chief Architect X13 does not currently support real-time GPU raytracing on the Mac because its graphics are not at the same level of the high-end graphic cards (NVIDIA / AMD). I run Chief Architect on both the Mac & PC and seem to work equally as well, with the exception noted above: 2019 15” MacBook Pro 32GB, I9, AMD Pro 555X 2019 15” Lenovo Laptop 16GB, I7, NVIDIA 2060
  3. Chief Architect works with both Apple & Intel.
  4. Be sure to click on the ‘top rail’ in the dialog panel. Then you should be able to check the ‘extend’ option.
  5. Are you looking for this setting on the ‘Rails’ panel?
  6. In the wall type, you have a -1/2” for the foundation offset. If you change that to 0” the sheathing should build the way you want. After making the change in the wall, rebuild your foundation.
  7. You might see if this works using the grid offset. See the “X13 What’s New Productivity Video” at about 3:45
  8. There's a newer version of this video (at the same link) you might see if it helps.
  9. Here's an image of what I think you are asking for. Schedules can include multiple categories, e.g., cabinets and fixtures in a single schedule
  10. You can rotate a single label. Maybe you are looking for a tool to rotate all labels at once?
  11. Renaming the framing to "...SPF" will not impact the framing spacing - provided you have 'default' checked in the wall definition.
  12. I noticed your 'rooms' layer was not on in 3D. Try turning that on and painting the wall in 'component mode'. See attached.
  13. I set my framing to use the 'default' in the wall definition - per my attached image in the post above. Then, in the build framing dialog, you can enter 16", 24" or __". I think that's the way the new X13 template plan is setup as well.
  14. You might check in the wall definition to use the ‘default’ wall framing. It also looks like your framing material is using "…stud 24 OC”. In X13 we changed the framing to be independent of the wall material e.g., ‘fir framing’ vs. ‘16” fir framing’. See attached image if it helps.