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  1. Dennis, You are correct. 2.00.0021 is correct version. I wounder what changed from 2.00.0021 to 2.10.0025
  2. Yes. Once the symbol is generated in the Garage Door wizard. You need to use CA Import feature to bring the symbol into your User Library. From there you can drop it into your plan.
  3. Works for me. Running Garage Door Wizard Version 20.00.0021
  4. Diane, If you start with a standard rail, you can adjust the newel post height. In my example, I started with the long railing as a standard rail and the two side rails as post to beam. I then broke the long railing at the first post and reversed the short railing section to make it different than the longer section. Changed the short section to post to beam. No newels added manually. you will need to add the beam manually.
  5. Something like this and add the beam manually.
  6. Take a look at this system. https://www.asus.com/us/2-in-1-PCs/ASUS-Transformer-Pro-T304UA/ Purchased it last week from Costco for $1500. Just looked and its out of stock. Seventh generation I7, 16 gb ram, 512 gb ssd, with stylus and keyboard. So far it's looking very good.
  7. DMDesigns has an attic pull-down stair. Go here http://www.davidmichaeldesigns.com/free.html
  8. This is the same way that I work. Always looking to see if there is something better.
  9. Perry, With your system, do you go from the Library to a Cad Detail then to Layout or do you go directly from Library to Layout?
  10. I find Room Planner very lacking to do existing. I sent in a list of things needed when it first came out. Nothing has improved. One thing it needs is a way to tell the difference from a computer generated dimension and a measured dimension. Redstick Cad Pro highlights the manual imputed dimension as Bold and locks it. Also different sized walls don't line up properly. If I remember correctly, they line up to centers. We do need a better solution for doing as-builts. I'm still looking.
  11. Johnny, I had a similar problem the other day. Wanted to make the label larger. Never found a way.
  12. Lew, The Surface Pro 4 has the i7 as an option. Its weak point is the intel graphics. The Surface Book has the i7 and Nvidia graphics.
  13. Johnny, I'm looking for something portable to do as-builts. Presently, I use a Tablet with a program called Redstick Pro. Redstick Pro work's great with a stylus. The problem is, I need to draw it over again in CA. Looking for something I can input directly into CA. Don't want to use a mouse in the field.
  14. I was looking at the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 & Microsoft Surface Book. Can the Stylus be used in X9? Will it draw Walls, dimensions and input data. In the What's New for X9 Pdf, it talks about Touch Screen Gestures. In the What's new video it talks about Zooming & Panning and Other Things. Don't know what "Other Things" refers to. Do I still need to use a mouse with the above computers?
  15. Take a look here......... http://www.autocaddetails.net/samples.html
  16. Thanks Mark & Scott. Always learn something new.
  17. I like what Perry suggested. Will give it a try, incorporating using the layout file first.
  18. Is there a way to open the Plan File and Layout file at the same time? My present process: Open Chief Architect. On the Welcome screen, under recent files, select and open the Plan File. Once the Plan File is open, click File on the top menu. In the list at bottom, find and select the Layout File. It would be nice to have an option in the Welcome screen to open the linked Layout file when a Plan File is selected.
  19. I don't think you want to come here. 32°