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  1. clfrycreative

    Sudden setting change: 3" increments?

    That was it. That's digging pretty deep though, wonder how that got changed... is there a shortcut key or something that may have been accidentally hit? Good to know these things to avoid in the future...
  2. clfrycreative

    Sudden setting change: 3" increments?

    It seems a setting somehow got randomly changed recently, and I can't seem to find anything related in settings or preferences... now whenever I try to move anything, or adjust the size of an item, it will only do so in 3" increments... any idea where I can change this back?
  3. I'd like to change some of my window labels to the abbreviations that are more commonly used in the areas that I operate... for instance, change "FX" to "FG", RS/LS to XO/OX, etc. I can change them on an individual basis using label->specify label, but I haven't found a way to assign new labels by default... can this be done?
  4. clfrycreative

    Change electrical symbols?

    Thanks, guys, I think I finally hit the right Chief tutorial that outlines what some of you were talking about: Looks like I should probably put aside a day for symbol changing. Does this need to be done in the profile drawing? I'll also take a look at those toolbar/library videos too.
  5. clfrycreative

    Change electrical symbols?

    Chief seems to be getting further and further away from industry standard symbols, and electrical is no exception. I need to change some of the plan-view electrical symbols back to those that my trades are accustomed to seeing... for instance, the ceiling lights (all types) are now shown rotated 45 degrees (although the symbol shown in the drop-down menu is still correct). Is there a way to change or draw my own symbols to replace those currently associated by default? Also, is there a way to add commonly used symbols to the drop-down menu, instead of having to search the library? For instance, I use recessed cans predominantly in most of my homes, but it isn't in the drop-down tool bar menu...
  6. clfrycreative

    Turn off wall joint/corner warnings?

    Sheesh, I must've overlooked that option 20 times before finally seeing it. Thanks, David.
  7. clfrycreative

    Turn off wall joint/corner warnings?

    Anyone know how to get rid of the the broken wall joint/corner warning (shaded circles on the corners and icon that follows the cursor around) without having to redo the corners every time? The corners display fine, and the warnings come and go (this happens multiple times somewhere on almost every plan). It usually happens when I have to do a workaround for a non-standard or complex wall scenario. Is this something that can be turned off?
  8. clfrycreative

    Move a group of objects with precsion?

    Cool, Transform/Replicate is a tad more cumbersome than I was hoping for, but it does what I need. This TAB function might be more along the lines of what I was looking for, I'll give it a try next time. I don't actually need to move in increments of 12.5" in this case, just needed to move a room 12.5" to the right... but changing the snap grid to .5" might be an even better idea, because I frequently need to move in 1/2" increments. Thanks, this is the kind of stuff I was looking for.
  9. This is one of those things I have been wasting a lot of time with work-arounds on, so it's time to learn the right way to do it... assuming there is a way... I have a bathroom layout that I want to maintain, but move... however, I can only move the group in 1" increments, or press ctrl for totally free movement. How can I move either in fractional increments, or a specified distance (12.5" in this case)?
  10. clfrycreative

    Odd window behavior in X8

    Okay, I was able to adjust the sash position by changing the "depth" and "inset" values; this must be something new, that or the defaults changed... I need to change the default though. Still working on the weird mull lines though.
  11. clfrycreative

    Odd window behavior in X8

    On this particular plan, there are no 3D views being generated and I'm drawing the elevations manually (I'm keeping the drawings simple to be printed 1/8 scale). I used this one as an example because without the wall layers, the problem is more obvious. It does this in all drawings since switching to X8 though. "Center the window on the line"... not sure what you mean by this; center the panes on the wall? If so, that's what I'm trying to figure out how to do for sliders and single hungs. Single hung sashes don't extend past the wall like the sliders do, but they do display at the edge of the fame wall (I don't like this either, but at least I don't have to spent too much time modifying in AutoCAD). As for the mulled windows, it does it on all mulled windows, regardless of size or type. Again, not a problem in the past. Yes, frame wall only for 1/8 scale cleanliness and simplicity. I have a few builders that prefer it this way.
  12. clfrycreative

    Odd window behavior in X8

    I'm having trouble with some window types and circumstances (in this case, horizontal sliders and mulled windows) displaying properly in plan view; there are elements and lines that extend beyond the wall surface. Older versions didn't do this. Examples are attached. Any ideas on how to get them to display properly?
  13. clfrycreative

    Issues with exporting elevation views?

    Doing it exactly as I frequently did in the past; Cross Section /Elevation (vector view) ->shift+f4 (or Export->Export Current View)->Export (using default settings). There is nothing in the drawing. As stated, I also tried different layer sets, 3 of which exported the windows only. Exporting the vector view as a CAD detail worked. I tried it with floor plans and they export fine, although, once in ACAD, I have to modify the layers and set them to "bylayer" for them to show (many are set to black), but at least they are there. Thanks, It worked, assuming I'm seeing everything... see screen shot attached.
  14. clfrycreative

    Change ceiling heights in multiple rooms?

    That did it. So, for the scenario that I might want to do it for just part of the house, it still needs to be done for each room individually?
  15. clfrycreative

    Change ceiling heights in multiple rooms?

    Interesting, those values are greyed-out there as well... just like when I select multiple rooms.