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  1. Use the "Floor Material Region" tool and shape it as you want. What version are you using?
  2. Update notes are posted next to the download button on CA web site.
  3. Your floor defaults should be set in Default Settings>>Floor. This works for what ever floor you on.
  4. Larry, You are correct, not much happening since last July. I contacted them a week or so ago and did get a response. Go to their web site and under "Help Center" , there is contact information. Send them an e-mail with your concerns.
  5. It's not the time it saves that is the important factor. It's the clean, accurate and easy to read hard copy of your measurements that is important and the ability to zoom. I have my Tablet mounted to the top of a camera tripod. I set it up in a room, take all the measurements I need then pickup and move to the next room. I don't directly send the Laser to Redstick. I take a measurement and hand input to Redstick. Fast and easy. Some of the features I like: Locked wall dimensions, adjustable wall thickness, auto and manual dimensions, can handle any type window and door information, multiple floor levels, reference floors with snaps, notes and picture built into the program, etc. I don't input Redstick directly into CA. I do this manually. Just as I would if I used a pad and pencil.
  6. I have the same problem with details I keep in my library. We need an option to "Save" (keep same name) or "Save As" (Change name and/or location).
  7. I should add that I'm using "Redstick Cad Pro" with a "Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2" tablet. This tablet has a sharp pointed Stylus, which makes drawing accurate walls, lines and imputing data very easy and natural feeling.
  8. I have been using the App called "Redstick Cad Pro". Their are two versions for both Mac & Android. "Redstick Cad" and "Redstick Cad Pro". Far superior to "Room Planner. I have sent in many suggestion for improvements to Room Planner with none implemented.
  9. Do a search for this post "Opening X7 And/or X8" See if this helps.
  10. I'm with Joey on this subject. I have always built the basement foundation and garage foundation on floor 0. Never had a problem doing it this way. Finished basements and walk out basements work. I tried doing it using the other method. Didn't work as well for me.
  11. Try pressing the 3 key.
  12. Larry, I also use the %Scale& macro. It works fine. Ignore the scale changing as you zoom in and out. Zooming is actually changing the scale of the view. It will print correctly at the scale you send the view to layout.
  13. The problem I have is when you are working on 5 - 10 different jobs at the same, making changes to each as you go along. How do you get all the different changes into the latest Plan Template and Layout Template. Even the SAM method doesn't seem to work.
  14. Thanks Larry, that worked. Never knew it was there.
  15. This should be the folder with the entire plan. 56 West St - Existing.plan
  16. Yes, that would work. Shouldn't the reference sets eliminate the need to move the roof plans.
  17. I have a roof plan with upper and lower roofs. I have everything the way I want it except the roof labels. I can not get the roof labels for the lower roofs to show. They are turned on in the reference set. I would appreciate any help. Using X8.
  18. Larry, After making changes in the Story Pole setup box, delete the existing Story pole and insert a new one and see if that fixes the problem.
  19. Make sure in your Schedule Default that "Scale Images" is turned off. Also, by adjusting the column width of the Image column, this will adjust the row height. Jon
  20. I'm running X6, X7 & X8 Beta on the same machine without any problems. Jon
  21. The only complaint I have with the HP T520 is the roll size of 150'. Wish it were larger. Jon
  22. Alan, I print color 22x34 sheets at the fastest setting in 50 sec per page. If I print in the medium quality, it takes 80 sec per page. I can not tell the difference in quality between the fast and medium settings. Jon
  23. Been very happy with the T520. No problems so far. Jon
  24. Larry, For 11 x 17 prints, I use a HP Officejet Pro K8600. Been a good reliable printer for many years. There maybe a newer version by now. For 24 x 36 prints, I use a HP Designjet T520. The nearest print shop is 15 miles from me. Much easier for me to do it in house. Jon