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  1. YESSSSSSS!! i was clicking & playing on all those Checks the other day. and couldn't back track & remembered what i've clicked, that caused that. thx u KB!!
  2. in X14...recently, idk what i did, i lost the ability that turn Off the non-object Layers, when an Object is Selected. before, when i select an object, only the Layers of that object is displayed (turn On) and all other Layers is turn off Automatically. Isolate layer? now idk what i did, now when a select the object, all layers stays On, and not isolate anymore. My X12 Setting still has it, and working as is should.....
  3. when am i getting my revise Macro pack , Joe???
  4. i use anyone one of the Level to compose it in my Box Layout (wether it's Level 0, 1, 2..use the level that largest footprint) then Copy & Paste Into place, that LAyout Box on the next sheet Open the LAyout Box Spec....& change the Floor Level Option >Current Floor > to what next Level you want.
  5. i just noticed / discovered this today, in X14. was this already there pre X14 ?? what a great Tool. Zoom / Pan in Layout Box.
  6. it's in Chief. just using Preview screen capt. and demo. my point.
  7. can we Export & Import Room Types from plan to plan??
  8. yes, i get the point. just have to establish a "reference" elevation. whatever it may be, on your personal drawing method. one thing to mention tho...i alway wonder why Terrain Perimeter is dimension Opposite relative 0"/0' height. (+)12' to move the T/P down....and (-) to move Up. this alway confuses me.
  9. not sure when or where i've change this...or this is Automatic based on some Layer default. but the Linetype on the Marquee Selection Window is now a Dash linetype, not Solid as it use to be.
  10. hi, i just can get TR to work properly. simple testing plan with Front & Back T/R at -8'-0". it seem to suppresses the entire Terrain Perimeter (@ 0') to the same -8' level. 00 Lakeland Terrain.plan
  11. Same here...i remembering asking on this couple years back.
  12. it's a $3000+ software. plus another $600 Annual Supp. fee. you shouldnt to have pay another $120/yr have it to Print properly. im sure this is just minor Bug in Beta. the Bug has been reported to CA, Im sure it will be patched up in Full Release.
  13. Yes, it's a bug in X14. and reported it. CA knows of it. No fix atm.