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  1. Thanks for the quick responses. We are a remodeling company, and we only use the ceiling marker and it is labeled like this CEILING:~ 8' 1". We have been putting all of this info in manually on every elevation page and we do elevations of every wall in every room we are touching. I am mainly looking for things that we can use to minimize those time suck processes. For instance, I just discovered yesterday that we can use # in our page description label to auto update the page label in our layouts. Up to this point, we have had to make all those page updates manually. Now I am trying to figure out how to make our two scale callouts update automatically when we set the scale of the item on that page. Anyways, figuring this stuff out is really cool and it really shows me just how powerful the software is!
  2. Thanks, that worked for the auto story pole! Is there a way to adjust it in manual elevation markers?
  3. Hello, As I get more and more into using macros in Chief, I get really excited and really frustrated at the same time. I have recently discovered that elevation markers can be set up to report heights automatically, however, we would like the finish floor to be our 0'-0" number, but it only shows that for the top of subfloor. The only thing that I have been able to adjust is the finish floor height in the room dialog page, but I can't seem to find a way to make it a default so it is set for every plan, moving forward. I don't feel like this is the proper approach and my hope is that I am missing something easy. I also played around with some macros, but couldn't create the proper sequence, any help is appreciated, thanks in advance. Also, I am just a dumb carpenter that happens to love Chief Architect, so I am not the most techy person around, lol.
  4. Hello, as I get more and more into creating library objects, material copies, etc. for my pricing, I have noticed that it takes some remembering and time to export my library from work, so I can use it at home and home to work. Is there an easier/more automated way to do this? Is there a cloud sink that I am missing? I would love to make new library entries at one location and have it automatically update at the other. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I am trying to build pricing into anything I can and I have a couple of questions. 1. Is there a way to make components be wall specific? I would like to make multiple walls that each have their own components, one wall might have base install labor and another wall might have a different kind of labor 2. Is there a way to make wall components calculate area. Right now, I have created 0 thickness paint layers to calculate SF for paint labor. The issue I am having with this setup, is that if I put formulas in and change the id from wallboard to accessories, and then make edits to another wall, the defaults change back. It would be great if walls were not changed globally.
  6. I'm curious if anyone knows if there is a way to manipulate walls, independently from each other? I have discovered that the walls seem to work globally, when I place a component for one wall type, it automatically puts the component in all of the walls. I know that I can place the wall, and then turn the components off for that individual wall, but it would be nice to not have to do that.
  7. Hi Rene, First let me say, you are a bad ass for sure. I started following you a few months back and you made me realize that I am barely scratching the surface with chief. I am pushing for my boss to pay for some sessions with you, so fingers crossed. I have been able to make the technique you just shared work, but where I have had a bit of trouble is when I try to make another wall with one or two tweaks. Example, I'll build out the accessories in the component area and call it siding-6, then when I made one called shower wall with a few changes. I would then break the original wall and highlight the section I wanted to change, then, I would go into the wall dialog and choose the shower wall so that section would have those attributes. Then, when I pulled the material list, it did not repot correctly, so I opened the original wall dialog up and it had taken on the attributes of the shower wall. It seemed to happen when I made the copy and changed the components. I am sure it is operator error, so I will dive back in this weekend. One thing I can't figure out is how to get the accessories to compute wall sf for things like paint labor, or siding labor, which is why I tried the material layers. I am not trying to get free help, but can I put a formula in the count line of an accessory to compute sf? Thanks for your advice and hopefully I will be meeting you soon via Zoom!
  8. Thanks for the advice. I actually started out doing it like this, but the wall was acting the same way. If I made a copy, it got rid of the components and the associated pricing, which is why I tried it this way. The way I thought Chief worked, was you made a wall and nothing changed on it unless someone actually changed it, is that not the case? In theory, shouldn't I be able to make as many walls as I want?
  9. Hi, My name is Matt Clark and I am the Project Developer/Estimator for a Remodeling company in KCMO. I have started to try to build different labor types and costs into the wall dialog. I have been selecting colors and making the thickness 0 so that it doesn't affect the wall thickness. I have also tried adding accessories. The issue I am running into, is that when I make a copy of a wall, or replace a wall in the plan, I lose the stuff that I have inputted in the components section (formulas and pricing and ID). Is there a better to do this? I have changed the paint layers used to report as linear and it gave me 7,800 ft for a 5 ft wall, so I figured out a formula that gets me very close to the real number. Like I said, it works great until I copy or change a wall and then it changes the formulas, zeros out the cost and gets rid of the formula. I am using X15.
  10. Thanks for all of the advice. It was happening because I had checked the framing box in the definition area, thinking I needed to, to use my defaults. It must have sent the wrong message, lol.
  11. Hi, for some reason when I build my framing on this plan, not all of the headers show up correctly and it generates a bunch of 1x material on my walls that you can see in 2d and 3d. I'm curious if this is a setting or a layer that needs to be adjusted. I have already tried to remove all of the 1x items from the structural reporting list, but that did not work. I would appreciate any suggestions for this matter, I am currently using X15. Thanks!
  12. Hi Mark, quick question. Is there a formula that will allow me to make cabinets report the SF footprint? I basically took a previous project and used CAD boxes to figure the total SF, then I took the total cost and divided it by the SF to get an average, This would allow me to use the same number for all the cabinets within each style. Here is an example just so there is no confusion. I would want all of these to report 4 SF. Thanks again for your help! 2' x 2' base cab = 4 SF 1'x4' wall cab = 4 SF 2'x2' full height = $ SF
  13. Hey Mark, thanks! This is awesome! Is there a list of formulas that I can use for other stuff? With this cabinet formula in particular, is there a way to not build the cost in with the actual cabinet and just get the ML to report the cubic number? My thinking is that we will determine the price for each style independently and manually put those numbers into the ML. Example: Full overlay = $1.50/cubic in PO = $1.75/cubic in Inset = $2.00/cubic in. I know these numbers are probably high, but they will work for this example. Also, thanks again, I am not a behind the scenes computer guy and this is so helpful!
  14. Hello, I have finally figured out how to set plan materials like drywall to report as sf in my material list. I am curious if there is a way to make cabinets report their price with volume. My thinking is that I can figure how much a base cabinet cost per cubic in in real life and apply that formula style to all of my cabinets in chief
  15. Hi. my name is Matt and I do drafting and estimating for a Remodeling company in KCMO. I have never really gotten into the material list because what little time I have spent in it makes me feel like it is broken. However, I found some videos that make me feel like there is hope. My biggest question is can I set prices for things like cabinets, can lights etc., make that a template and will it update in real time? By update in real time, I mean if I add or take something, will it reflect in the list? I want to make sure I can do things like this before I spend a bunch of time on it. Please let me know if there are any videos on this subject. I recently discovered how to build framing one wall at a time, which is great for remodeling so I can get counts on the affected areas. One issue I am having is that I can't get the headers to report correctly when I build the framing. I have made my adjustments in the opening section of the framing dialogue, but it keeps showing up as a 2x6 instead of a 2x10. I can change it manually, but that kind of defeats the purpose. Thanks for any help!