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  1. I have a brand new Quonset hut that’s 60’ wide and 66’ long that’s sitting on pallets right now on my land in Eastern Tennessee mountains and I’m looking to put a full basement under it. The basement ceiling height needs to be minimum 12’ from concrete slab to bottom of floor trusses. Walls will be poured concrete reinforced with rebar and fiber. It’s a walk out basement on one end with an overhead garage door and pedestrian door and a few windows. From grade up on first floor there will be the same poured in place stem walls going up 6’ and most likely will need poured side supports to support the metal Quonset hut. The floor trusses need to be engineered to support 2 floors. There will be a loft above the first floor. Does this sound like something you can help with?
  2. Does anyone on here have any experience with drawing Quonset Hut Homes and doing full set of blueprints? I am about to build my house and would like some renderings to see how it will look prior to the build.
  3. I'm looking for a Chief Architect Professional that preferably lives in the Jonesborough / Johnson City Tennessee area to help me with my designs and take them from the 2D AutoCAD versions that I have and create the 3D Chief Architect complete construction documents. Looking for a freelancer that is proficient in Chief Architect and would like to discuss further.