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  1. SMC2992

    Rope light on wall

    thank you MarkMc and Solver both of you
  2. SMC2992

    Rope light on wall

    Thank you, I read the thread, however prior to that I converted that rope light to symbol and from there rotated it vertically but unfortunately afterward I could not change the light properties, can that be done?
  3. SMC2992

    Rope light on wall

    Hi friends I am trying to get vertical rope light but could not achieve the results, on the roof it is workable but on wall it is not happening, I tried to draw line in elevation and convert to rope light which is dimmed. can any one help I am attaching sample pictures
  4. SMC2992

    U shape stair

    adding compressed file building for CA.rar
  5. SMC2992

    U shape stair

    Thanks Dermot Dempsey I saw this video but it is not as complete as it should be, in this video the stair well is already there, in my case I cannot create a stair well I am adding actual drawing wherein I have to put the stair, I hope you can help me on this, I want to learn the process. for future needs also beside how to upload larger file???
  6. SMC2992

    U shape stair

    Hi friends I have been trying to draw U shape stair with 11 treads on each flight using Ushape tool in stair dialogue to a 3 story building. My problem is that I cant create stairwell, I can't change the width of the stair and landing. there are many videos on this website but non is helping my this problem, even on you YouTube I can't find, maybe my search string is wrong in this. I have attached a draft design for help I will be grateful if any one can help? building.plan
  7. SMC2992

    3 drawers in a row

    Hi fellows Merry Christmas I want 3 drawers in a row, but how to achieve this? Can any friend help me in this Thanks fireproof cabinet.plan
  8. SMC2992

    cabinet with drawer and shutter

    Thank you to all for your help and Marry Xmas
  9. Hi friends Can anyone advise me how to draw such type of cabinet in chief architect. I have 30 drawers three in one line and 10 vertical, want double shutter in front of that cabinet. it is a steel cabinet Thanks in advance Salah
  10. SMC2992

    Ray trace problem x10

    Hi friends: I have done a ray-trace for about 17 hours or so for 35 passes, but I am getting light behind the chair arm, which I don't know why? Can any one help me to find out why I am getting this light behind the chair. Software is X10 Thankyou Salah
  11. SMC2992

    separate roof height in same building

    DJP thank you for the detailed explanation, it has solved the problem.
  12. SMC2992

    separate roof height in same building

    I don't know how to handle the portion i circled, when i remove the straight wall this is what i get, I need that the roof of the portion over the doors should be at 10' however an open window has been created above that location. see the pic -Salah MI room 2.plan
  13. Hi: i am building this structure and cannot proceed further as i want to draw flat roof on sides and hop roof in the middle of the building with different height as mentioned, can any one help me in this MI room 2.plan
  14. SMC2992

    How to design horizontal jafri

    Jafri is sort of partition or sunshades made of metal or wood with see-through, usually they are two strips fixed at 60 or 45 degree angle, however for its design there are unlimited option, you can google it. SMC