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  1. I created an annex (right-hand building) to add on a plot of land of an abandoned warehouse conversion in London. It's an odd shaped warehouse so I wanted to honor the architecture, hence the annex is an odd shape (warehouse flipped on its side). I have since determined that I need to rotate the annex to be perpendicular (90 degrees) to the warehouse. I'm hoping there's a way to copy the annex (all floors) and paste into a new plan in the new orientation, otherwise I have to redraw everything. Possible?? I'm using Chief X15. Thank you!
  2. You guys are the best. I'm an interior designer, self-taught Chief user which means watching videos and trial and error. I learn so much by the comments and really appreciate your time to post. Just wanted to give a shout-out Markus, you rock!
  3. @Kbird1 That is exactly what must have happened! Thank you so much!! I wasn't aware of the Child Tool setting and this solved the problem. @Dermot Thank you for the insight on the mouse. I'll be sure to monitor the mouse and learn more about the alt mode. @glennw Thank you for your response. I'm somewhat new to Chief and appreciate confirmation that double click brings default settings as correct behavior. Learning form you all will certainly help expedit my proficiency. I appreciate your support. @solver I'm going to review your PM again. Thank you for posting tips.
  4. Hello @solver! Yes, I am expecting to see the individual components of the tool, like you have shown. In your example, I would select "interior wall" and begin drawing. But for some reason, it's not working as such. Instead, the default setting box is the only thing that appears. Further thoughts? I an using Chief Architect x12
  5. A new problem is occurring that I haven't experienced before. My design assistant was helping me on a project, but we're not sure what we may have done to change a toolbar operation. Allow me to explain: In the past: We single click on a toolbar, the box opens on the screen, we select what we want, and we draw For example, adding a wall, we select interior wall, and build Another example, we click the "measure" icon, select point-to-point, and get to work measuring something we need. Now what happens: We have to double click on a toolbar (single-click does nothing) When we double click, the default settings box appears. We can't seem to get past this "default settings" box to actually get the toolbar to function! It's maddening. What we tried: We went through the process to restore default toolbar settings. This did not fix the problem. The same "default settings" box continues to appear. Please see the screenshot of the box that appears when we click on a toolbar: All input is greatly appreciated!! Kind regards, Leigh Ann Chief Architect x12 user